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Spring Navratri Meditations

With a new moon, a new morning star and the new spring season, now is the time to till the soil of the heart.

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Cleanse Veda TV

The Spring season of my Ayurveda TV show has come to the U.S! You can watch it now.

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Sri Mooji: What 1 thing?

With a brief message on what we should all know, and do, each and every day. Hint: It’s simple, quick and easy!

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Oh Darling…

Let’s Be Adventurers!

Following the call of the wild…

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Seva, Seeds & Sages

I invite you to help me support the sovereignty of seeds, the rights of rivers, a Himalayan school for girls and the International Yoga Festival 2017.

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Why is Cardamom the Queen of Spices?

Curious about cardamom? Join me on a culinary visit to the spice jungles of Kerala.

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Video: The Source of Spice

Recently I travelled to South India in search of the stars of Ayurveda’s culinary medicinals.

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Video: Waking Up to the Year of the Rooster

Alina Cruz, Feng Shui Master, tells us what to expect from this year of the Rooster.

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Dedicated to the emerging field of Physician/Poet/Priest where Mind-Body Medicine engages the Spirit for Whole Being Wellness… In a world where some 13% people in our world are considered malnourished, stress has depleted the soil of our emotional lives, and materialism has depleted our spirit, I feel that my work is to feed the hungry…
To feed the body with real food, feed the mind with true inspiration, and feed the heart with the holy.


“Thank you for being someone who helps guide me from darkness to light, from fear to hope, and to take even greater risks to touch the hem of holiness.” Pastor Scotty