Have you ever imagined yourself as an ancient priestess, a brave adventurer, a cosmic devi, or an explorer of nature, indigenous and free? Coming February 2018, you can live that vision as we visit ancient temples, explore the caves of the first Yogis, dip into the holy Ganges, and wander the forested foothills of the mighty Himalayas in India.

Our adventure begins at an Ayurvedic retreat center where you will be received with loving arms offering you warm oil massages, nurturing herbal tonics and grounding, nourishing meals. While there we plan to visit Navdanya, Vandana Shiva’s organic farm, and Ma Anandamayi’s Ashram. Continuing on, we will celebrate with Yogis from around the world at the International Yoga Festival 2018 on the Ganges River in Rishikesh and learn from saints, sages and masters. We will take a day trip to the Vashista Gruha (caves) upriver in the foothills of the Himalayas, followed by lunch at Ramana’s Gardens. Our final five days we will settle into natural comfort and seclusion for a Ganga Yoga Retreat and Training.

For Yogis, this Ganga Yatra offers a 100-hour Yoga Teacher certificate that includes Yoga philosophy, techniques and tools, Ayurveda, and transformative practicum and experientials. For everyone, this Yatra offers an experience of a lifetime.


Details and Registration


Beginning February 24, 2018, our Ganga Yatra is an Ayurvedic-Vedic Sage Retreat to the Himalayan north of India, receiving Ayurvedic treatments, attending the International Yoga Festival on the Ganges, followed by a 5-day retreat and training upriver in the mountains.

Ganga Yatra: February 24 – March 13
Ganga Yoga Training + Retreat ONLY: March 9-13

Rishikesh, Ayurveda Retreat, Vedic Temples,  Devi Shrines, Yogic Caves, Ganges Rituals, International Yoga Festival – a 7-day Yoga Festival with esteemed Vedic Sages, 5-day secluded Retreat upriver in the Himalayan foothills.

India Registration 2018: with Detailed Itinerary and Application: *Coming Soon*

Submit $500 Deposit to secure your place 

Please Note: These dates do not include travel days to and from your home country.

Keep reading for pricing and more detail, which we will update as more of our trip plans are confirmed.

Ayurveda in India
Ganga Yatra & Retreat 

Our Journey takes us north to the foothills of the Himalayas, where we begin in the high Ganges plains near the Rajaji National Forest at an Ayurvedic Center. In this small eco-village dedicated entirely to the ancient healing practice of the world’s oldest system of medicine, we will receive daily Abhyanga massages, enjoy Ayurvedically prescribed healing meals, participate in Ayurvedic Satsangs, and learn from some of the top “Vaidyas” in the very country that first gave the world this consciousness-based system of medicine millennia ago.

From there we travel an hour or so through the Rajaji National Park to Parmarth Niketan Ashram in Rishikesh, know as the “Gateway to the Heavenly Himalayas.” There we take a walking tour of “Swarg Ashram,” an area of Rishikesh with ancient temples, as well as shops, cafes and restaurants right on the banks of the Ganges. We will visit the now dilapidated “Beatles’ Ashram,” where these famous musicians stayed while learning from the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. You will also enjoy an Ayurvedic treatment called Abhyanga, either upon arrival or in your first few days, according to availability – yours and the clinics.

We will attend the International Yoga Festival – a fabulous, fascinating, joyous meeting of Yogis from every part of the world, convened by some of the world’s greatest saints, sages and Yoga teachers. In between all the classes, Satsangs, music and friendship, we will “escape” to explore a Shakti Peeth, a “holy cave,” and the hillsides where Shiva is said to have done his most intense meditations (Neelkanth). There will be Pujas, Aartis, Temple blessings, Yoga on the Ganges, and at least one intimate Darshan with Swamiji, the spiritual head of the Ashram. There will also be opportunities, at your own choice and expense, for further Ayurvedic treatments, river-rafting on the Ganges, mountain hikes, and chai and meals at local restaurants.

The jewel in the crown of our trip is a 5-day Ganges River Retreat at a beautiful, quiet, very private, spiritual center right on the Ganges. This will be a unique and extraordinary opportunity to recharge in the beauty of this most glorious setting, where you will enjoy Ganga Yoga, Meditation, and Mantra, joy-filled talks, delicious meals, and evening song. (Includes the Ganga Yoga Teacher Training)

Each day we will observe silence for a period of time. Without technology or our usual daily distractions, we will instead allow ourselves to drop into the soul and listen to the sounds of nature, beauty, grace, peace. You can leisurely soak up the prana of the land, opt for guided walks,  and learn some of the greatest wisdom of the 10,000 year old tradition of the Vedas.

 *** And of course you will have personal time every day to catch up with your families, friends and “the world out beyond.”

india jungle

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Indian women in traditional dress making offerings at the Ganges River

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Photo: Pete McBride Photography

Ganga Retreat: 100 hour Yoga Teacher Certification Training

The last part of our trip is a 5-day Ganga Retreat with a training on Ganga, the river, the myths, the archetype and her teachings – and a Certificate course on Ganga Yoga, a practice created by Laura under the expressed wishes and auspices of Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswati-ji, spiritual head of Parmarth Niketan Ashram.

This will be a deep immersion into Yoga, Ayurveda, nature, and the wisdom of the Ma Ganga. You will learn to embody these Vedic/Tantra teachings to tap into the strength, courage, creativity and grace of “MA.” Giving you practices and tools to take home with you, and inspire your Sadhana to the next level, this Retreat is designed to connect you to the Creative Source within and all around you.

Photo Credit: Pete McBride

Photo Credit: Pete McBride

Photo credit: Pete McBride Photography

Photo Credit: Pete McBride Photography

Photo Credit: Pete McBride Photography

Photo Credit: Pete McBride Photography

Spiritual director and Yatra leader is me, Laura Plumb. Having led groups on 9 separate trips to India, I have a deep affection for the country, its history, its customs, and above all, for its people. India is the land of my heart, and it gives me deep delight to share it with true Sadhaks, those spiritually mature persons who can understand without explanation the depth of presence, kindness and wisdom in the modern day people of the ancient storied Bharat. I am also schooled in the sacred texts, mantras, practices and narratives of the land, so our journeys are filled with story-telling and song, heart connections and Love.

Morgan Andersen will accompany our journey, as our “travel director.” She has worked with me for the past year, and knows my vision for this journey. Morgan has also been instrumental in organizing the logistics, so she will be our “fearless leader” when it comes to all things… shall we say, mundane? Once you register, we will send you a thank you note with our juicy, detailed, everything-you-need-to-know-about-traveling-with-us-in-India booklet. It’s a gem.

Photo: Pete McBride Photography

Photo: Pete McBride Photography


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Your Travel Director, Morgan Andersen

I am asking that this trip be filled with Yogis who appreciate three things: 1) the beauty of silence and the value of authentic sharing; 2) the transformational power of a trip like this and the empowerment of taking full ownership for all that is personally experienced; and 3) that this is a spiritual trip, not a material trip, so while there will be a few opportunities to pick up trinkets or spiritual tokens, my hope is that you find beauty in a rock, treasure in a feather, grace in a blade of grass, souvenirs in the eyes of a child, and infinity in the present moment. Traveling through India is difficult on the physical body. But for those who have, as Antoine St. Exupery said, “The eyes to see with the heart,” India offers immeasurable, life-altering value, and heart-expanding connections. This is a trip of a lifetime.

Laura Plumb-IYF

Ganga Homa + Aarti


Ganga Yatra
February 26 – March 12

For two weeks in India with sages, saints, vaidyas, yogacharyas, ganga darshan, himalayan heaven, jungle adventure, temples and meditation caves and an unforgettable trip immersed in sacred healing, vedic teachings and extraordinary beauty ~

Includes all accommodation, meals (except if you choose to go out), Ayurvedic treatments, week-long
International Yoga Festival, excursions, group travel, Ganga Yoga Training + Retreat, 1 Jyotish or Ayurvedic Consult with Laura
prior to departure (via FaceTime or Skype) + 125-hour Ganga Yoga Teacher Training Certificate.

Ganga Yatra ~ $3200

Early-bird by October 1, 2017 ~ $2900  (a $300 savings)


{detailed itinerary coming soon}

These trips are limited in size. To secure your place, we need two things from you: 

{India Registration 2018 :: coming soon}

*Submit your $500 Deposit*

Once you’ve registered, we will email you our thank you email with travel booklet.
If it doesn’t arrive within 24 hours, send up a smoke signal (ie, namaste@lauraplumb.com).



Ganga Retreat + Yoga Training  ONLY

March 8-12, 2018

Includes 5 day Retreat Program + all accommodation, meals, 1 Ayurvedic Abhyanga, excursions, group travel, and 50-hour Certificate Ganga Yoga Training.

Ganga Yoga Retreat + Training ~ $1400

Early-bird by September 30 ~ $1250 ($150 savings)


Payment plan

Your $500 deposit is refundable until September 15, after which it becomes a non-refundable deposit. For the early-bird pricing, payment in full is due on or before October 1, 2017. Otherwise, all payment must be in by November 30, 2017. Please write if you would like a payment plan: Namaste@lauraplumb.com and remember Paypal allows you 6 months to pay interest free.


Please note: Flights are separate. We love Etihad for the international leg and Jet Airways within India. It’s great to fly together, and we will create a group forum to meet your fellow Yatrikas, share flight details, and connect, once we’ve received your deposit. 

In addition to transatlantic flights, all airline baggage costs will be your responsibility.



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Photo: Pete McBride Photography



Photo: Pete McBride Photography



Pete McBride Photography


Photo Credit: Pete McBride Photography

Photo Credit: Pete McBride Photography


Photo Credit: Pete McBride Photography

Photo Credit: Pete McBride Photography


An immense thank you to National Geographic photographer Peter McBride for his gorgeous images here that were taken when he journeyed to India with us a few years back. Peter’s award-wining article for National Geographic, Chasing the Sacred: Down the Ganges From Source to Sea is stunning, and this article Here Comes the Sun is a great description of Peter’s trip to India with us.

Jai Ma Guru!