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for Whole Being Wellness…
To feed the body with real food, feed the mind with true inspiration,
and feed the heart with the high and the holy.

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Ganga Inspiration

The river Ganges, flowing down from the Himalayas, inspires me and I’d like to share it with you.

IYF 2018

{Video} The International Yoga Festival is pure joy. Please join us.

High on Ayurveda in the Himalayas

{Video} Would you like to join me next year for a nurturing Ayurvedic Retreat in the “baby” Himalayas?

Give Me the Time of Day

{Video} Everything in the world moves in cycles, patterns, rhythms. Understanding these rhythms, and living in sync, is the key to radiant, powerful health. This one essential tip is a game-changer.

Cardamom, Queen of Spices

Cardamom is an important spice in Ayurveda, but what does it look like in nature? How and where does it grow? What is its medicinal value? Why is it so highly valued? I went to Kerala and paid a visit to this queen of spices. {Video}

Moon: Disrupting Food Traditions in Sicily

{Video} On a sunny island in the middle of the Mediterranean live the most inventive, creative, beautiful and beauty-loving people who serve up love and joy in dishes that wow.

Finding Ayurveda in Italy

Drago is a darling shop of herbs, and specialty foods that recently added a restaurant to highlight the delicious wellness of Sicily’s culinary traditions. {Video}

Ayurveda in Italy

Cooking with whole, natural food is a passion for Sicilians, so while visiting Ortigia, an historic island in the strategic heart of the Mediterranean, I wanted to meet master chef Fiora Piccione to learn what makes her cooking heritage so unique.

There are few people to whom I would entrust my soul. Laura Plumb is certainly one of them. Laura’s knowledge and capacity to convey meaning through this ancient science is obvious. A recent session with her offered new light to guide me on my earthly pilgrimage.

Mary Katherine

Episcopalian Priest, Director Bishops School

Laura is wonderful! She is incredibly knowledgeable, insightful, honest, adaptable, approachable, caring, kind and empathic. She has an amazing gift in the ability to communicate/ translate information to ALL. I have had two readings with Laura and plan to check back regularly. Feeling very lucky to have found her. I could not recommend Laura more highly.



I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoy your blog, Facebook, and newsletter.  The photos are so beautiful, recipes are delicious, and just all around great information, so clearly presented.


Producer, Ayurveda and the Mind

Thank you so much for the wonderful Jyotish consultation, it was exactly what I needed right now. I could have listen to your wisdom for hours, really fascinating and interesting! Super grateful for your work!

Meditation Teacher

Your incredible inspiration has given me a thirst for learning Ayurveda now. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us, with simplicity but also so much nuance.

Tech Executive