Oh Be Joyful with Dr. Bruce Lipton

Bruce Lipton, author of Biology of Belief, sat with me in Rishikesh and talked about the source of his joy.

Ayurvedic Cooking for Beginners

{Video} I am writing a book!
Here’s the story…

Video: Forgiveness Pt. 2

What is “transcension” and what does it take get some?

Letting Go

Video: Why it is so hard, and what to do about it.

Ganga Yoga & The Divine Feminine

I love Yoga, the river Ganges and the connection we all have with life itself – the radiance, the beauty, the love. For the occasion of this year’s International Yoga Day, my beautiful friend Sandra posted this interview relating to that…

Movie: The NEW Science Behind Yoga

With great gems from wonderful people, like Mooji, Dr Bruce Lipton, Puyja Swami Chidanand Saraswati, Dr. Sat Bir Khalsa, Dr. Mithu Storoni, and many more…

What is Pancha Karma?

At the core of Ayurvedic healing is a system called “Pancha Karma.” Watch my video to learn about this sumptuous way of deeply healing the body, and mind.

True Freedom Is A Mind Game

What does it mean to be truly free? Yogis have always searched for a true experience of freedom. One step is to “own your mind.”

Dedicated to the emerging field of Physician/Poet/Priest where Mind-Body Medicine engages the Spirit for Whole Being Wellness… In a world where some 13% of people are considered malnourished, stress has depleted the soil
of our emotional lives, and materialism has depleted our spirit, I feel that my work is to feed the hungry…
To feed the body with real food, feed the mind with true inspiration, and feed the heart with the high and the holy.


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Journey with me to India
Feb 24 – March 14, 2018

There are few people to whom I would entrust my soul. Laura Plumb is certainly one of them. Laura’s knowledge and capacity to convey meaning through this ancient science is obvious. A recent session with her offered new light to guide me on my earthly pilgrimage.

Mary Katherine

Episcopalian Priest, Director Bishops School

Laura is wonderful! She is incredibly knowledgeable, insightful, honest, adaptable, approachable, caring, kind and empathic. She has an amazing gift in the ability to communicate/ translate information to ALL. I have had two readings with Laura and plan to check back regularly. Feeling very lucky to have found her. I could not recommend Laura more highly.



Thank you so much for the wonderful Jyotish consultation, it was exactly what I needed right now. I could have listen to your wisdom for hours, really fascinating and interesting! Super grateful for your work!

Meditation Teacher

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoy your blog, Facebook, and newsletter.  The photos are so beautiful, recipes are delicious, and just all around great information, so clearly presented.


Producer, Ayurveda and the Mind