Yatha Pinde Tatha Brahmande

The Vedas tells us that we are each a microcosm of the macrocosm. Sounds like poetic inspiration, transporting words for a meditation, right? But how does it translate into daily life and meaningful impact?

Care is an expression of love. Since Purusha as the individual is whole and one with the earth body, itself whole and one with the cosmic body, it is a mandala of care, arising from the bindu of love.

It is a reminder that everything is relationship, that we are always in relationship. Cultivate a sacred relationship with yourself, treat yourself with sacred self care, and you feed the web of care, the natural web of life. From the core of love, expressed through devotional self-care, the world expands and shimmers in radiance.

The choices we make for our own best personal care are the best choices for the world, making it a kind of gentle revolution, a sacred activism that begins with you loving you.

10 Days Of Self-Care For A World Of Love & Beauty
Ten self-care practices + inspiration to love yourself more along with email reminders that you are loved, you belong, and you are worth it. 

Join us for a world of love!


Remember you are the bindu, the heart of the world. When you root in love, the heart blossoms and the world comes more radiantly alive.

I hope you enjoy your ten days of loving you as you deserve to be loved ✨


Love is sacred. Beauty is sacred. Flowers are sacred. Birds are sacred.
acredness brings the perfume of love and compassion,
therefore love and compassion are the perfume of sacredness.
It sounds rather poetic, but…God is poetry.
~ Dr. Vasant Lad


Thank you for your guidance and for sharing your wisdom and for your generous spirit. Twice this week you were like an angel on my shoulder reminding me that I am enough and that life is full of blessings if we only open our eyes to see them.” 

Melanie P.

Thanks so much for the Consult this morning. I truly feel like I’m finally going in the direction I want to be in,
and can relax in the softness there.


You truly have a gift. I had so much anxiety before. I really credit you with helping me create a new path in my life that led me to so many positive things – new friends, better health, and even finding my soul mate. It’s been so healing…


Every time I talk to you, Laura, I find my heart filled with such HOPE for things to come…


Working with you has been deeply empowering and healing for my soul and spirit. After I sobbed because my heart was so open, I came into a very beautiful space of deeply knowing my beauty, and saying your mantra over and over again, that I am enough just as I am… I just sat in front of a mirror looking at me for a long time and really seeing myself the way you have seen me all along. I have tears of gratitude now just writing you this and I am so thankful to you!



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