My 3 Day Any Time Ayurvedic Cleanse is coming soon

Would you like to feel clear, balanced, renewed, vibrant in mind, light in body, at ease in life?

Are you hungry for whole body delicious, whole food recipes?

Are you ready to love yourself silly with three days of delicious health + sacred, sumptuous self-care practices?

Get my 3 day, any time DIY Ayurvedic Cleanse Course and get ready now for the July 1st launch. With a booklet of Ayurvedic wisdom for optimal digestion, best food practices, delicious recipes, a standard meal plan + adaptive plans, tonics and tips to boost the detox impact – plus, a Yoga practice, a guided meditation, how and why videos, a week of daily emails for support, and a facebook community group for more love.

Get it here.

Laura,  I’ve lost thirty pounds! Ever since I did your Spring Cleanse, the weight has just melted away. It has been so easy, natural and healthy. I feel great!

Gina B

I am having so much fun with all of the recipes! I am really delighted because my husband is joining me on this cleanse! Yesterday, we started off the day with a gorgeous breakfast… Lunch was so satisfying  (love love love your lunch recipes!) and now we are sitting down to a candlelight dinner of healthy, loving foods. It’s like the meals have rekindled our love.

Carolyn K

You have to publish a book! Your recipes are SO delicious.

Larry O

If you are interested in a cleanse, join Laura Plumb’s. I did a pretty bad job with her spring cleanse, running at about a 60% adherence, and I felt better than I have in years. The food is delicious. Ayurvedic (that’s the medical and nutritional sister to yoga.) Vegan. Self-nurturing. Not expensive. Not starving. Not weird or gross or hugely time-consuming (time is where I had to cut corners, but still felt benefits.) I kept up with a lot of her ideas — mostly the delicious ones. I’m doing it again, shooting for 70%!


Miranda K

Thank you so much for this cleanse – it was so THOROUGH!!!

Kelli G

The last couple of days a few people have been asking me, what have I been doing, because I’m looking good lately. I’m not trying to be overly vain or anything, but MY, I have been starting to radiate more and look younger. I think all these MIRACLE Gifts Laura has been guiding us all in are A MIRACLE! I see people all around me not knowing that we all have the opportunity to REALLY change our lives for MUCH better, even beyond ways that maybe we never even thought of!


Shirley O

Everything is sooooo good! Today I had so much energy and I’ve already lost about 3 pounds! I don’t feel hungry all the time, and I feel very satisfied. Love it!!!

Jane S

Spent a beautiful part of the day in the kitchen and loved every wonderful smell, color, & taste…..I am noticing with my senses so much more…especially with trying all these new spices…I am in heaven!

Joan M

I am forever grateful to you, Laura, for the GI cure!!!!!

Nurse Ginny