Healthy. Happy. Whole.

First I fell in love with Yoga, then a wild and wise Yogi, then Jyotish, Ayurveda, India, an ashram and a certain saintly Swami. Now I live in a place called ‘awe,’ for who knew love could be so deep, or that the world could rise up so high with vigor, grace and heart. I teach in order to sustain.

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“Thank you for listening. You are the voice in me that guides my path. You show me clarity and wisdom that I miss to see. It is wonderful to be close to you. Namaste.”

Sophie Malahieude

“You are so gifted! Thank you for your gentle spirit, great knowledge, wisdom and your willingness to share it. I am healed!”


Department Chair, Hanover College

“Laura’s love and passion for life, and deep commitment to sharing her knowledge and wisdom to make the world a better place is exuberant. She a woman of many talents, which is even more apparent when she does Jyotish consultation, which was insightful, loving and caring. She has helped clear the fog allowing me to see my path clearer to take the next step. I’ve very grateful for her encouragement and support and for being such a light in this world.”

Pamela Thorsch