Nutrition, Digestion Doshas & Cooking

Ayurvedic cooking involves far more than the creation of sumptuous, nutritional meals. It is the frontline of traditional medicine in our homes. It is a reconnection with the intelligence and rhythms of nature. It is sacred activism that supports biodiversity, sustainability, organic farming and fair trade.

Food is nourishment, sustenance, and life, but only when it is conscious food brought forth with integrity from natural sources – and then only when it is properly selected and prepared according to your current state, the season, the weather and the time of day. The conscious food ways of Ayurveda is medicine, philosophy, relationship, activism and preservation all in one. Every meal is a choice to eat, live and declare your values.

Establishing the foundations of Ayurvedic Nutrition, this course is perfect if you want to access Ayurvedic wisdom for you and your family, if you are a food writer, a recipe creator, or you have studied Ayurveda or allopathic medicine wanting more depth in nutrition. It is also perfect if you are already a health practitioner – acupuncture,  chiropractic, yoga teacher, herbalist – and want to enhance your professional offerings with nutritional guidance, formatted group cleanses and foundational Ayurveda Nutrition classes.



AIN 1.1: The Cause & Procession of Nature
Sat-Chit-Ananda | Samkhya | Cosmology | Yatha! | Prana, Tejas, Ojas | 5 elements | The 20 qualities of nature

AIN 1.2: Energies, Elements, Attributes & Attitudes
The Doshas | The attributes & Energies of the Doshas | Prakriti v Vikruti | Gunas

AIN 1.3: The Symphony of Life: Harmony v Balance
PTO | Like attracts. Opposites heal | Harmony & the Application of Opposites| The Essentials: Sleep, food, faith (Nidra, Ahara, Brahmacharya) | The Six Tastes | Practices: Prana, Tejas, Ojas

AIN 1.4: Agni & the Engine of Healing
Agni | Agni & the Gunas, Agni & the Doshas | Agni & the Dhatus | Agni & Ama | Location of the Doshas | Accumulation of the Doshas
Practices: Agni, Fasting, Hot Water, Spices

AIN 1.5: The Foundations of Healing: Essential Digestive Wellness
Kitchen Medicine: Food, Spices, Herbs | Seasonal Foods for Seasonal Balance | Foods for Doshas | Dosha Plans |  Standard Protocols for Wellness

AIN 1.6: Seasonal Cleanses: Philosophy & Protocol
Cleanse Basics | Seasonal Resets | My 5-day Seasonal Cleanse | How to Guide & Support Seasonal Cleanses

AIN 1.7: Rest & Rejuvenation
The Koshas | Stress-reduction, Meditation & Gratitude | Digestion & the brain, nervous system | Prana & the Mind | Agni & Prana | Sattva
| Building Ojas

AIN 1.8: Sharing Your Knowledge: Integrating Ayurveda
Best Practices | Leading Classes, Cleanses | Q&A | Final Practices

It’s been very grounding. I needed this. I love the feminine energy, the nurturing. You make it so easy to learn.


I can’t get enough of these classes. I savor every word, and absolutely love our community of fellow students. Thank you for so much inspiration and soul nourishment.  


You are a genius teacher. Such a gift. Thank you! I am renewed.