AIN2: Nutritional Counseling

Nourishing Counsel

The heart of Ayurveda is Personalized Medicine and Empowered Consulting. Level II builds upon Level I by applying the principles of Ayurveda to a wide array of conditions, equipping you to adapt protocols to each individual need. Secondly, we dive into the art of Vedic Counseling to educated and empower. Level II is ideal if you want to cultivate the skills to coach clients  one-on-one or in groups, provide individualized cleanses and offer in-depth classes on Ayurvedic Digestive Health. 

Level One is prerequisite unless you already have training in Ayurveda.

AIN 2 Syllabus

2.1: Review of Ayurveda Nutrition & Digestion |  Vedic Counseling Skills | Clearing the Blocks | Case Studies

2.2: Leading a Community Class | GAP: Teaching Clients to Access their Inner Healer  | GAP 2: Experiencing Self as Pure Awareness | Ahara in focus: All inputs should nourish

2.3 Applied Diagnostics | Client Intake | Client Handouts | SAT/Prana | CORE

 (K)2.4 Spice Medicine | Fasting v Tonifying: Detox Foods | CHIT/ Tejas | Stress-reducing Tools

2.5 Stress & Digestion | Guest Presentation | 7 doshas: VP-VK-PK-VPK |  Agni, Ama, Dosha, Stress

2.6 Modern Diets & Ayurveda | Modern Digestive Disorders through an Ayurvedic lens | Case Study | Individual Practice | Group Coaching | ANANDA/Ojas

2.7 Food As Medicine | Deeper Disorders: Hormonal (Time/Ritu), Neurological (V), Acute (P), Chronic (K) | Interpreting Allopathic Diagnoses | Case study | SOMA

2.8 Building Your Practice: From the Ground up, everything you need to start | Final Observations | Ongoing Support | Onward!


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