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Apples are great for a cleanse. With so much pectin, they help clean out the intestinal tract, while fortifying your body with vitamins and minerals, and cooling properties that love the liver. If you are joining us for the Spring Detox Challenge, or whenever you are cleansing, it is great to keep some apple sauce on hand, in case you find you need a snack.
To detoxify the body in Spring, we want to increase Agni and improve the energies of elimination. We also want ease of digestion ~ to give the belly an internal rest, so it can repair. With Apple Sauce, because the apple is chopped and heated (in other words, slightly pre-digested), it maintains its essential qualities without straining digestion. And it tastes great, so you never feel deprived.
It is simple to make. Here is what I do:
Healing Apple Sauce Recipe
1 serving

1/4 t ghee
1 apple
1/4 c water

Optional: cardamom, nutmeg

Melt ghee. Add cinnamon, and optionally nutmeg, cardamom or your favorite spice. Chop one apple and stir it in with the ghee. Add water. Bring to a light simmer. Turn the heat to low and cover for 5 minutes. Mash with a Potato masher or, once it is cooled, mix in the blender for a smoother consistency. Serve warm.
Hope you enjoy it.
Namaste ~  
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