imagesDo you want to feel clear, balanced, renewed, vibrant in mind, light in body, at ease in your heart?

“I am forever grateful to you, Laura, for the GI cure!!!!!” ~Nurse Ginny

Autumn is the season of Vata, when the earth dries, winds whip, leaves fall, and the temperatures drop. The northern hemisphere’s turn away from the sun leaves us a bit colder and somewhat more vulnerable to colds, flu, weakness, fatigue.

To maintain health and balance this season, we must strengthen our inner resources so that we can resist the colds and maintain equilibrium and energy.

But first, it is essential that we release the heat accumulated over summer, because heat aggravates Vata ~ drying and depleting us further.

Once heat is released from the tissues, it is important to restore the digestive fire and function, cleansing this core system, clearing the channels and optimizing metabolism.

Finally, we must learn what keeps us balanced throughout season, so we can face the challenges of our lives with equanimity, overcome stress with grace, and enjoy the blessings of radiant vitality.

“Thank you, Laura. I feel better than I’ve felt in years! More energy, more joy, more sense of purpose. Everyone should do this.” ~ Carolyn

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This 10 day Autumn Cleanse includes a liver cleanse, kichari cleanse, and an Autumn balancing menu to take you into Fall with ease and comfort. As usual with me and with Ayurveda, this is a whole food, plant-based Cleanse, not dependent on store bought formulas, medicines or exotic isolates.

#Ayurveda Kichari

Autumn Kichari

We will have an Introductory Call on Saturday, September 20th at 8am PST (9am Denver | 10am Chicago | 11am NYC | 5pm London) which is free and open to all. This call will explain Ayurvedic principles for wellness, specifically seasonal eating and autumn care.

“Thank you so much for this cleanse – it was so THOROUGH!!!” ~ Kelli

The beginning of spring and the beginning of autumn are considered to be important junctions of climatic and solar influences. These two periods are understood as sacred opportunities for purification, which is why I like to begin our Autumn Cleanse close to the Equinox, at the start of the Sharad Navratri. For that reason, our Program begins Thursday, September 25th at dinnertime with a simple detox soup.

The Autumn Cleanse Materials – an online booklet with the Cleanse overview, daily schedule, day-to-day meal plans, recipes and a grocery list – will be emailed to you September 20th, giving you the week to review, plan, and prepare.

Once we get started we will have a Q&A Group Call at 0800 PST on Saturday, September 27th. You will receive supportive emails throughout the 10 days: Saturday, October 5th through Tuesday, the 15th. We will also have a Facebook Page, secret and closed, where participants are invited to share their experience, recipes, tips, and support. This is always one of the most appreciated aspects of the Program, as the camaraderie and community that is cultivated is priceless.

Being Ayurvedic, this Cleanse is nourishing, supportive, fabulously filling, delightfully delicious, plant-based, high protein, high energy, high fiber, high vitality.

Detox-teaGive your body the macro/micro nutrients it needs. Detoxify. Nourish. Renew!

Ready to register for our 10 Day Autumn Cleanse?

Invest in Yourself: All Materials, Lessons, Emails, Q&A Calls and dynamic engagement in our Facebook Group only $65.


Once you have registered, you will receive a welcome email from me. Please register by September 24 so you have time to prepare.

Feedback from past Participants:

“The last couple of days a few people have been asking me, what have I been doing, because I’m looking good lately. I’m not trying to be overly vain or anything, but MY, I have been starting to radiate more and look younger. I think all these MIRACLE Gifts Laura has been guiding us all in are A MIRACLE! I see people all around me not knowing that we all have the opportunity to REALLY change our lives for MUCH better, even beyond ways that maybe we never even thought of!” ~ Shirley

“Everything is sooooo good! Today I had so much energy and I’ve already lost about 3 pounds! I don’t feel hungry all the time, and I feel very satisfied. Love it!!!” ~ Gina Brown

“I just read Laura’s email and it is so right on – this was exactly what I needed to hear!” ~ Melanie

“One thing I really love and notice about this group is how people don’t seem to be limiting themselves to an idea of ‘exactness’. There are all sorts of modifications and alterations and it’s really inspiring to see people honoring where their bodies are at. Thank you, Laura, for encouraging the fount of ‘Yes!'” ~ Whitney

friday, November 13, 2009.

“Spent a beautiful part of the day in the kitchen and loved every wonderful smell, color, & taste…..I am noticing with my senses so much more…especially with trying all these new spices…I am in heaven!” ~ Joan

“The posts are wonderful so insightful. I am making conscious choices, taking the time to cook something wonderful, sharing it with loved ones, letting myself get hungry, stopping before I am to full, and loving every moment.” ~ Candace

I look forward to sharing this with you!


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