Journey to Kerala

Experience Ayurveda in God’s Own Country | October 2023

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Immerse Yourself in Traditional Ayurveda

October 2023

Considered the “home of Ayurveda,” Kerala is also called God’s own country for its lush, rich and extraordinary beauty. A place where for centuries international traders have sought its prized spices, Kerala is a culture of rich diversity, sophistication and color where people are warm, wise and welcoming.

Our trip begins in the historic Fort Cochin, on the Malabar coast. Thanks to the spice trade, Cochin received traders and merchants from China, Europe and the Middle East over its history and it shows in its architecture, art, and cuisine. In Cochin we will tour the historic quarters, allowing time for shopping, art galleries and museums. We will offer one Ayurvedic massage, and celebrate our trip with an exquisite cultural dinner.

We will spend two nights on houseboats on the serene Backwaters, floating on these beautiful waters and canals where people have lived and farmed since what seems like time immemorial, while enjoying comfort and traditional Kerala meals in the evening under the stars.

From there we head to the famed ghats, to wander through herbal forests where botanical medicine grows on trees and vines, and seemingly everywhere. There you will visit a large family spice plantation, hike or boat through a tropical wildlife preserve, enjoy a cooking class and meal with a local couple in their home, and in the evenings with our acclaimed Kerala chefs, enjoy cultural performances, and rest easy at our eco-friendly, traditionally inspired cottages in the Cardamom Hills. 

Finally, our trip arrives at its purpose: a week of sumptuous pampering at a beautiful, traditional Ayurvedic center set up on a cliff overlooking the Arabian Sea. You will receive daily Ayurvedic treatments, and enjoy Yoga classes, ocean swims, classes with the Ayurvedic doctors, nature walks and temple visits.

All the while, you will be accompanied by Ayurvedic practitioner Laura Plumb, author of Ayurveda Cooking For Beginnerswho will be holding classes and sharing inspiration as we travel. We will meet wise guides, Ayurvedic experts and cultural historians, and get to listen and learn from them.


This promises to be a rich and vibrant experience with a lovely group of inspiring individuals exploring the magic of Kerala.


For the last five years I’ve been on a journey of self-exploration. In this journey I have been looking for the piece of the puzzle that made me feel whole. That piece that was my version of home and that made me feel like I belong. This Ayurveda Immersion trip was that piece for me. It gave the opportunity to connect with myself in a way that made me feel like I arrived… home.


Going on this trip with the vast knowledge Laura has of Ayurveda, meditation, yoga, and Jyotish was more than I could imagine. Laura connects to all people in a way that is caring and deliberate. I loved that there was constantly a new experience to learn or just enjoy all day, every day. Laura has a way of finding the awe in all. I am grateful to have such a wonderful teacher in Laura, to show me the way.


This pilgrimage is truly one of the very best I have ever been on. The memories and experience will last a lifetime.
Thank you for including me, it is a dream come true xoxo

I need to start by thanking you for this incredible trip. Even in my dreams India was never so beautiful and safe. The places you took us to and the people we met went beyond in every sense of the word. Our paths were paved with grace, as a result of your graciousness. I never once felt nervous or uncomfortable in any way. Your planning and choices of accommodation were exquisite and so welcoming. I will always be grateful for your role in helping me to achieve this dream trip of a lifetime. 


During this trip I experienced an expansion within myself… Every time I sat in stillness, or received a body treatment, or savored the delicious food, or chanted a mantra and felt its vibrations moving through me, I was expanding my understanding in Ayurveda… This awareness permeated in me and has freed me.


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