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Summer Wellness Class

 In a world that is eternally cyclical, persistently dynamic how do we ever find balance?

Ayurveda in its genius realizes that stopping, or pausing, isn’t really possible. What gives us the sense of pause, where rest and healing can occur, is alignment. Align with the movement of the celestial bodies that govern the rhythms of nature and you will have peace, balance, and the possibility for vibrant health.

So when you live seasonally, mindfully embracing nature’s intelligence, abundance and beauty, you may notice notice nature loves you through her balancing harvest.

In this webinar we discuss summer balance – why it is more crucial than ever – with simple tools for serenity and ease, including refreshing and hydrating ways to stay chill through Pitta season.


Purify. Refresh. Renew.

Summer balance is all about calm, cool and collected – with an emphasis on cool. This summer, my Ayurveda seasonal cleanse includes favorite traditional summer recipes + new innovative, easy meals, a morning Yoga practice, an evening guided meditation, 8 daily Classes of learning, kitchen prep, and support, plus a Facebook community for questions, inspiration and connection.

65 pages of recipes and Ayurvedic seasonal wisdom, plus welcome video with introduction and how to get started, plus the recorded classes are all available for you to go at your own pace now as you learn, grow, balance, restore.


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