ayurveda-cooking-healthymeals-vegetarian-rawAyurvedic Cooking for Your Family: Love on a Plate
Kitchen Wisdom for Happy, Healthy and Whole Kids
Sunday, February 2nd, 11:00-2:30pm

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When it comes to feeding your children, so many parents seem confused or overwhelmed. It’s no wonder, with all the mass marketing and misunderstandings about childrens’ tastes, needs, and health swirling in our public squares, forums and markets.

Ayurveda has an entirely unique approach to health and nutrition that will make you feel better about yourself, better about your “mistakes,” better about your intuition, and more confident in your personal choices. Best of all, Ayurveda proves that eating right is easy and delicious for all.

In this class you will learn:

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* What’s right ~ what’s not
* You know more than you think you do
* Ayurvedic Basics in the Kitchen
* Why your kids don’t like greens
* Why that might be okay
* Children according to Ayurveda
* Your child’s/children’s mind-body constitution
* Best foods for each family member
* How to bring it all together and satisfy different tastes and needs
* Growing strong, healthy, confident children
* How to whip up a fabulous, and healthy, meal in no time
* How food is really love, and how to love through food

“A big thanks to you, Laura. You are the most amazing teacher and have amassed such valuable information that we are so lucky to have passed on to us. You keep reminding me how important it is to listen to my body.  I loved all of the summer foods we had yesterday and plan to make some of them this week and next. They were delicious, nutritious and beautiful.” ~ Linda Wergeland

Summer Cooking ClassThis will be an intimate class of 1o-12 people learning about Ayurveda’s brilliant, intuitive, comforting wisdom about family health, followed by tastings, samplings and cooking. It will include creative interaction, hands-on participation, Q&A, and a sumptuous meal in our garden. We will cover the basic formula for delicious, healthy meals and share some of the tips that make cooking quick and easy ~  so  you walk away feeling comfortable in your kitchen, satisfied in your tummy, and excited to try more on your own – all in the interests of your all important family. You can read a blogpost on one of our classes here.

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The class is $65 and includes a sumptuous meal, take-home recipes, Dosha Tests for your family, and valuable learning you will apply and treasure for a lifetime.

Once you register, I will send you the address and information on what to bring. Plan on learning a lot, taking notes, making new friends, and staying for a meal. Plus, I am excited to show you our “updated” kitchen!

Questions? Visit my Blog, Food-ALoveStory, to learn more about Ayurveda, Kitchen Medicine, your own Mind Body Consititution, and how to eat right for your type.

#GF Ravioli“Who knew that ayurvedic cooking could result in such piquant dishes, perfectly balanced in taste and nutrition? Laura Plumb did and, thanks to her hands-on class, I can now cook healthy and delicious meals, too, with a secret pre-meal treat to whet the appetite.” ~ Anne Marie Welsh

“Best cooking class, very organized, well taught not only with Ayurvedic wisdom but how to prepare food with love and grace. It was like Cooking with Glenda the Good Witch 🙂 Amazing. Recommend to all. ~ Mo

“Laura Plumb’s incredibly informative Ayurvedic cooking class provided me with the tools to revolutionize the way I eat –- the class is infused with knowledge, technique, and wisdom in the same way that the delicious, healthy food we made brimmed over with flavor.”  ~ Robin  

“Laura’s cooking class was much more than an instructional session on preparing ayurvedic recipes. It was also a joyful celebration of food as sustenance and nourishment and a reminder to bring mindfulness to this most basic of human actions. I’ve incorporated the recipes, techniques and consciousness into my daily life and am better for it. Thank you!” ~ Torrie

elsa“Being a vegetarian with a nutrition-based focus, I thought I had gained all of the information needed to receive the benefits of healthy eating.  But, I discovered that I was missing a critical component — how to select the correct foods for my personal constitution and dosha.  Laura Plumb’s Ayurvedic cooking classes and personalized counseling sessions are teaching me how to restore my body to perfect balance.  Her classes would be of tremendous benefit to anyone seeking to improve their diet and relationship to food.” ~ Wendye


Thank you ~ To your Good Health!

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