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After a long walk in a big storm, I came to my desk to record this because I want to share with you an exciting workshop I am preparing for this weekend. Something I want everyone to have…

I love that you can hear the howling winds… of the storm, because this is about coming in from the storm, coming in to the warmth and nourishing groundedness of your own true being.

At this weekend’s San Diego Yoga Festival, in addition to a Beach Bonfire Satsang, and two celebratory classes on the beach and on the OB pier, I will also be teaching a post-conference workshop on Monday called Be You Now. It’s a class on Self-Realization, because I feel now more than ever all of us must wake up to our truth, our potential, our power and our oneness.

I invite you to join me.

The first ever San Diego Yoga Festival | January 28-30, 2017
$108 off with Promo Code: Laura


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