The most powerful and enduring gift of all is finding within ourselves the wisdom, light and love that comes in silent awareness. By immersing ourselves in practices that cultivate that shimmering silence, we deepen our connection to Self, to life, to one another. We find fulfillment in the simplicity of being. For you are the silence of the trees, the whisper of the winds, the sway of the ocean, the promise of the cosmos come alive. There is nothing more to do. Only get quiet enough, and clear enough, to remember.
Pause. Listen. Be. 

Trainings and Retreats

Our Mastery Retreats and Trainings open the door to your divine life. Through our immersive experiences, you will transform, connect, deepen, laugh, sing, and realize the greatness of your heart. Learn more here.

Yoga, Sadhana, Inspiration

 Come home to yourself.
Love yourself.
Light up your life with simple practices you can do everyday.

SEVA: Selfless Service

 “The purpose of life is to serve, and to love.” ~Dalai Lama.
Let’s light up the world with love! Join us for any or all of these selfless service projects.