A sacred series on Shakti with Devi Mantras and Meditations

Immerse yourself in the celebrations of Navratri: Nine nights of worshipping Shakti as the Divine Mother, that creative impulse that gives the power of generation, regeneration, all healing and deep love.

Light the candle of your heart as you listen to stories of the divine mother as Durga, MahaKali, MahaLakshmi and MahaSaraswati, learn mantras to evoke her presence, then chant and meditate in her bliss.

This series, recorded live during a recent Navratri, includes nine 30 minute recordings with stories, mantra and meditations. Additionally you will receive emails of images of the Devi each day, with suggestions to cultivate her power in your daily life.

Shakti means power. Devi is the divine feminine. This series helps you cultivate the power of the divine to power up your life.

The story of the Devi, celebrated during Navratri, is briefly told in this interview with Devaa Haley Smith.



Laura, These evening stories and meditations are so divine. As soon as I begin to listen I just melt into a state of deep bliss. Thank you, thank you!

After all the Yoga I’ve studied, thanks to these evening meditations, I have learned that my favorite and quickest Yoga, pathway to God, is chanting. Thank you! Jai Ma!

Thanks to these nine nights of celebrating the Devi with you, Laura, I feel the divine mother holding me, healing me, loving me. I am crying with joy.