“You are not what you eat – rather, you are what you digest.”  ~ Ayurveda

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May your health radiate the light of your essential nature, may you always know that you are loved, and may you always feel the truth of who you are.


Thank you for sharing Ayurveda in such a beautiful and poetic way. It has made such an impact on me and I can’t wait to start sharing it myself.


It’s been very grounding. I needed this. I love the feminine energy, the nurturing. You make it so easy to learn. 


I just finished listening to your webinar! I am literally in tears and surprised at this reaction. Thank you so very much for sharing all of your wonderful information. I have been on a quest to improve my health and my life, and would love to learn more from you!


Laura, I am loving this course, and having so much fun with all of the recipes! I am really delighted because my husband is joining me on this journey! Yesterday, we started off the day with a gorgeous breakfast… Lunch was so satisfying  (love love love your lunch recipes!) and now we are sitting down to a candlelight dinner of healthy, loving foods. It’s like the meals have rekindled our love.