Dosha Quiz

What is a Dosha? 

Ayurveda is the most wonderful way to remember yourself as an integral part of nature, beauty, creative intelligence, and the power of life itself. It’s my favorite health science as it is comprehensive, safe, beneficial and thoroughly time-tested. It is so authentic, so true, so affirming that it feels like great, big hug. Based on the five elements of nature, Ayurveda helps you discover your own unique combination of space, air, fire, water and earth, so you can harness the power of nature, live with abundant energy, root into your heart, and powerfully live your soul’s purpose.


What’s Your Dosha?

Your unique combination of the elements has been with you since birth, but age, seasons, environment, nutrition, daily habits and stress can alter that balance. Learning your Dosha means you can make lifestyle choices to balance, support, affirm, heal and nurture you.

I’ve created for you an exclusive Dosha Quiz to help you get better results. Once you pop your name and email address in below, you will receive that Dosha Quiz, which you can download and share with friends. There you will also find more on the wisdom of the doshas, with tips for restoring doshic balance, and my top five suggestions for reclaiming the harmony of the elements, the song of nature, that is you.


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Food Wise

In Ayurveda, your food choices are foundational to balancing your Dosha. Being Dosha Food Wise means you make choices knowing their impact on you. My food blog is a great resource for nutritional balance with delicious, beautiful choices to nourish your sacred, sumptuous life. With over 200 free recipes for all three doshas and every season it is meant to inspire and nourish.

There is also my book wth 108 recipes organized by season, with modifications for each dosha, and prefaced by three chapters on the science of Ayurveda, and Ayurvedic health through food medicine. You can learn more about my book here, and you can purchase it at bookstores or on Amazon.

Please let me know how I can support you, and how I can help you continue learn, grow, heal, balance and exalt your beautiful self. Our world needs you, enlivened and radiant!


Laura is a dream come true. A kind, gentle soul is very rare to find and she has all the great divine qualities. You instantly feel so comfortable in her presence. She’s helped me a great deal to lower my blood pressure and reduce the toxic drugs prescribed that made me feel worse. I highly recommend Laura. Her graceful attitude will take you to a higher divine level. She is a divine soul, healer and compassionate angel.

Yanick B

I first met with Laura to help me deal with some personal issues. She is very kind and puts you at ease. Her knowledge and passion to help others is limitless. She gave me the tools I needed to move forward and with her guidance I now feel I have the strength and courage to accomplish my goals. She is definitely a talented soul and an asset to anyone’s journey!

K. B.

Laura is caring, kind, wise, intuitive, nurturing. She has helped me adjust to improve my health. She is, ‘Simply the Best’.

Jacky B