Live Events! 

Everyday Ayurveda: Embodying Intuitive Wholeness
August – September

A six week journey to apply the wisdom of Ayurveda to your life.

This intuitive, experiential approach to Ayurveda will give you the practical knowledge and skills to make shifts quickly. As you integrate this wisdom, you will experience a level of connection that brings you the well-being you seek, and ripples out to your loved ones and community. Learning to heal yourself, you begin to heal the world.

 Join us at The Hanuman Academy.

Journey to God’s Own Country
October 18-31, 2019
An Ayurvedic Immersion
Kerala, South India

 Join me for a personally guided, deeply comforting, beautiful and delicious exploration of Kerala, a land many have called “God’s own country.”

Discover the Magic of Kerala:
Immerse Yourself in Traditional Ayurveda



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Ayurveda Demystified
November 15-17, 2019
The Art of Living Retreat Center
Boone, NC

Discover the wisdom of Ayurveda!

Learn how to draw on the intelligence of nature in order to live a more courageous, compassionate, and harmonious life. 

Embrace Ayurveda and its power to uplift life, elevate the everyday and celebrate you. 

Join us at The Art of Living.


I so enjoyed your workshop at Bhakti Fest in the women’s sacred space.  My friend and I left there feeling wonderful!  You are a very talented and spiritual teacher.  So easy to listen to and very informed and inspirational. Thank you!


Your classes are like no other. They lift me up and open me to spirit in a way that is not only exquisite, but lasting. I look forward to every opportunity to be with you. Thank you. 


Your healing, gentle presence combined with wise and elegant leadership makes you a great teacher for the young women of our world. You are an inspiration and I hope many get to experience what you have to offer.