This week I was privileged to join Lilly Berelovich for a conversation in her series Fireside Streams. Lilly is the CEO of FashionSnoops, one of the world’s largest global forecasting firms. From this perch, Lilly has been exploring and expanding awareness, and opening the eyes and hearts of global brands and retailers exponentially. As a thought leader, Lilly is all about service, and empowerment from the heart. She and her team point people towards ideas that are important, sustainable and future driven, especially if these same ideas are rooted in ancient wisdom.

Lilly and I talked about Ayurveda, Jyotish, Vedic wisdom and the necessity of finding stillness in chaos. Given that Lilly works with so many creatives, we spoke of the origin of creativity, and how to source a rich creative flow sustainably, holistically and in alignment with the greater good.

This conversation gave me hope that more leaders will know the benefit of creating sattvic work environments, and places of stillness where we can all refuel, regenerate, rebound and renew.

I hope you enjoy this Fireside Stream. Please let us know in the comments below your top takeaway, and any topics you’d like me to address going forward. Thank you!

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