blueberriesOffering you real, whole, enduring nourishmentFood: A Love Story is a collection of delicious recipes and resources to feed you, while gently demonstrating that the best medicine has always come from Mother Nature.

After all, mother’s love is unconditional, and food is her bounty, lovingly created for you.

That’s why I believe Food is a Love Story!















From the first time I received your food blog in my inbox I have felt the light flowing from you through it. I’m not sure if you are aware of the power of light and joy you imbue these blog posts with. You have taken a subject that most of us are guilt stricken about, and have many mental and energetic issues about, and opened it with a sense of joy, making food into what it truly is – a blessing and a miracle.

Kari Ross Berry

Many thanks for creating food-alovestory.  It’s wonderful!

DeAnne Hill

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