Morning TeaAyurveda recognizes that the key to optimal health is a strong digestive fire. In this coldest and darkest time of the year, we need to be vigilant about strengthening that Agni, our inner fire of digestion and metabolism, to maintain the immune system’s robust vigor.

To that end, I am hosting a unique, experiential class on the subject later this month. Stoking the Fires: Ayurveda, Nutrition and Cooking for Winter Wellness is part of our continuing series on Kitchen Wisdom, in which we share with you the concepts and techniques of eating for optimal health.

All of my Ayurvedic Cooking Classes cover nutrition, food choices and preparation, spices, teas, tonics, and tips in a joyful, interactive, intimate evening. This January class will also describe the 6 Tastes and their application, the miraculous medicine inherent in your spices, and the ideal  recipes for wellness, warmth and comfort in this cold, blustery season.

The workshop includes lecture, preparations, cooking, tasting, and a rich, sumptuous, shared meal. Our class Winter Wellness Menu is above.

If you live in our region, I invite you to join us Friday, January 28 from 6-9 pm. Details are on our website.

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