• Ganga Yoga: The sacred waters of the Ganges River symbolize nature and nurture, love and compassion, and an embodiment of the Divine Feminine. Through Ganga Yoga we seek to unite people in service to life and our mother waters everywhere. We invite you to join us in sharing Ganga’s grace in the world. Join our 30-day compassion challenge and let your heart’s river flow. (Should link to GangaYogaFoundation.org but that domain has expired!)
• Sophia Mission: Respond to the call to foster wisdom, cultivate the ancient healing arts, nourish the female spirit in leadership, and help ground the Divine Feminine in this time of worldly transition. The Sophia Mission provides activities and experiences to unite women, grow self-esteem, strengthen the inner spirit, encourage compassionate service and model sacred leadership in women and girls, in turn helping to restore our world to its healthy, sacred whole. (Should link to sophiamission.com but that URL is currently redirecting to shopiacamp.org)
Be Guided: Establishing a practice, a sadhana that is uniquely yours begins with a gentle whisper that’s beckons: Come, move, breathe, sit, be. Here are some of my favorite practices to help your sadhana take root. (Links back to TV page where there is Devi Sadhana, Yoga Nidra, 12 Poses to Power Up and 12 Poses to Sanctify Your Life)