The summer solstice has been designated by the United Nations as International Yoga Day, and every year my friends Philip and Sandra at The Shift Network host a Yoga Day Summit. The video above is a short snippet of my interview for their online gathering of over 50 teachers, inspirers, mind-blasters and artists of the soul.

The summit is free and it is still available for another 48 hours.

It’s good. Every year I get lots of mail from people around the world letting me know how much they enjoyed it. So check it out and let me know what you think.

Happy Solstice!

P.S. A couple of people who have seen the video have written to ask me about the herb mentioned. It’s Brahmi, one of my favorite Ayurvedic herbs. I get mine from Banyan Botanicals, who sells it as a powder, as a tablet, or as a tincture.