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I had the beautiful blessing of seeing an interview by Laura about the Divine Feminine, and was deeply touched by her sharing of Jyotish.   It was very healing to listen to her speak the truth about viewing karma as a matrix of energy patterns and not “suffering that is our fault for what we’ve done in a past life” which was a concept I’d grown up with, but can now free myself from… Hallelujah! I also loved how she shared that the Divine Mother wants us to be healthy and happy. Jai Ma!!!


I just finished listening to your podcast with Melissa Ambrosini which bought tears to my eyes and resonated so deeply.


About the Ayurveda Satsang: Great, beautiful narrative, very good explanation about what is Ayurveda.

Gopal Krishnan

The Discovery Channel agrees with us, Laura – you’ve got star power!

CEO, Life Mantra TV