Immerse Yourself In Love

To be in the caring hands and heart of Ayurveda is to be embraced by Love.  This trip takes you to the heart of Ayurveda, its source and headwaters in Kerala, where you will forever be changed by the depth and grace of "God's own country."

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Immerse Yourself in Traditional Ayurveda

October 3-18, 2021

Considered the “home of Ayurveda,” Kerala is also called God’s country for its lush and extraordinary beauty. A place where for centuries international traders have sought its prized spices, Kerala is a culture of rich diversity, sophistication and color and its people are warm, wise and welcoming.

Our trip begins at a traditional Ayurvedic center right on the beach where you will be oiled, nourished, pampered and rejuvenated. You will be offered Yoga classes, ocean swims, classes with Ayurvedic doctors, nature walks and temple visits.

From there we head to the famed ghats, where we wander through herbal forests where true medicine grows on trees and vines, visit spice plantations and the local women who prepare the spices and herbs for Ayurvedic formulations. There you will have nightly cooking classes from Ayurvedic chefs, hike through a tropical jungle wildlife preserve, and enjoy cultural performances.
We will spend two nights on houseboats on the serene Backwaters, by day floating on these beautiful waters and canals where people have lived and farmed since what seems like time immemorial.

Our final days will be in Fort Cochin, on the Malabar coast. Thanks to the spice trade, Cochin has received traders and merchants from China, Europe and the Middle East over its history and it shows in its architecture, art, and cuisine. In Cochin we will tour the historic quarters, allowing time for shopping, art galleries and museums. We will have lunch on the water, and a celebratory cultural dinner on our final night.

All the while, you will be accompanied by Ayurvedic practitioner Laura Plumb, author of Ayurveda Cooking For Beginnerswho will be holding classes and sharing inspiration as we travel. We will meet wise guides, Ayurvedic experts and cultural historians.

This promises to be a rich and vibrant experience with a small group of bright and inspiring individuals exploring the magic of Kerala.

Kerala Itinerary

October 3-9: Manaltheeram Ayurvedic Resort Hospital & Research Center: Ayurvedic Treatments, Clinic Activities, Ayurveda Classes, Quiet Time for Nature or Cultural Visits, Daily Group Engagement.

October 10-11: Kerala Backwaters: Morning Yoga, Backwater Tours, Afternoon Rest/Ayurveda Treatments/Meditation.

October 11-14: Spice Village, Periyar Highlands: Morning Yoga, Daily Ayurveda Classes, Ayurveda Cooking Classes with Spice Village Chefs, Spice Plantation Tour, Excursions Offered by Ecolodge.

October 15-16:  Kerala Houseboats with sumptuous meal, tours of the backwaters, rowing down the canals, sunset over the lagoon and sleep in a traditional rice boat.

October 16-18: Malabar House, Fort Cochin: Visit Historic Fort Cochin, Shopping, Kerala Celebration Dinner.

October 18: Depart for Home or Extend Your Tour


Trip Price: $3800 | Early Bird: $3500 | AIN Students: $3400 | A $500 non-refundable deposit holds your place.  

I invite you to reserve your space now.


Pakoras in Kerala: Did you know pakors are made of mung bean flour? Watch my video of the Executive Chef at Serenity Hotel teaching guests to make the most delicious pakoras.

Why is cardamom called the Queen of Spice? Watch my 1 minute video shot at Spice Village and learn about this popular Ayurvedic “sweet spice.”

Coconut Rice Dumplings: Coconut and rice make up much of Keralan cuisine. Watch this short video to learn how to turn these simple ingredients into a healthy dumpling snack.