Jyotish: Discovering your story, written in the stars

What if the twinkle of the stars held the story of you? As the ancient science of light teaches us, they do. Jyotish means “the science of light,” and is the original science of existence. As a sister science to Yoga and Ayurveda, Jyotish is one of the most profound and efficient tools for recognizing the uniqueness of you; your purpose, your talents, the path your soul has chosen, your opportunities to learn, serve and grow. Jyotish can tell you ultimately who you are, why you’re here, and where you are going.

Astrology literally means astro or star and logos or logic. In Sanskrit, it is called Jyotisha or the science of how light regulates life in the realm of matter. It is also known as Kala Shastra or the science of how time unfolds cause and effect. ~ Jeffrey Armstrong

There are lots of resources here, including videos, podcasts, favorite books on Jyotish to get started, and a favorite Vedic gem store, so please keep scrolling and enjoy geeking out on the stars!

A popular podcast:
Talking Jyotish with Melissa on The Melissa Ambrosini Show



Jyotish Gemstones

Wow, just wow. Do yourself a favor and book a Jyotish consultation with Laura. I have had two such appointments and they have been hugely transformational in my life. I highly recommend Laura’s services to anyone.
Tommy Flanagan

What an incredible experience. Laura’s poetic way of explaining ‘the mystery’ blew my mind, and I was left feeling clear, comforted and like I’d had a conversation with my very essence. Thank you Laura, your gift is divine!
Rachel MacDonald

This week I had an incredible/ oh my god/ this is amazing/ holy s#%t Jyotish reading with the beautiful Laura Plumb. I have been fascinated with the ancient teachings of Ayurveda for many years and this was just phenomenal!!! Everything she was saying made so much sense. It was like she was looking into my soul. The things she was saying were so spot on. It was truly a beautiful experience, my heart was bursting with love and gratitude to be alive. Check it out my loves!
Melissa Ambrosini

Laura, that reading was so incredibly healing for us and life affirming.
We really felt seen by you, and nurtured.
Thank you so much.
Katarina Fagering

This session was like a beam of starlight filled with love and Truth. It was simply magical to witness you speaking about the planets and see how you intertwined the individual planetary energies into a fascinating story. I felt like you knew me my whole life.
Laura, meeting you is like a finding a treasure after a really long and exhausting search. I feel so touched by your work. Deep gratitude for all that you do for this world! Big warm hug! 🙂
Petra Cinklova

This is so amazing. I didn’t know when I was born so Laura took me through several possible afternoon times until, based on the characteristics of someone born then, we settled on the one that fit best – either 1:20 or 1:30pm. I just ordered a long form replacement birth certificate – so I could finally find out my time of birth – and I was born 1:22!  As the Monkees said: I’m a believer.
Susan Marcus