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Best Guides: May

Welcome to my new Ayurveda Best Guides: I’m excited to bring you the best foods, spices and practices to support your sacred, sumptuous wellness, month to month. Please enjoy these tips and recipes… Share with those you love and and let me know how they nourish you in body, mind and soul!

Here’s to those darling buds of May!

What’s In Season

Sweet peas, avocado, collards, cabbage, mustard greens, spinach, radishes, turnip, fennel, wild onions, asparagus, spring lettuces, okra, strawberries and rhubarb are some of the edible delights of May. Depending on your location you may also find: scapes, scallions, green garlic, chard, artichokes, arugula, cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts, beets, fava beans, basil, cherries and apricots.

Spring Barley & Sweet Pea Salad

Sicilian Lemony Fava Bean Soup

Barley Asparagus Basil Bowl

May Spices

May spices help us lighten up.  Three of my favorites now are fenugreek, turmeric and parsley. Fenugreek lights the fires. Turmeric dries and purifies. Parsley cleans and refreshes.




 Mother’s Day Favorites

Moon Milk + Foods to Help You Sleep

Kitchari Breakfast Crepes

Take Care Of Your Body. It’s The Only One You’ve Got.

Self-Care Is Not Optional—It’s Crucial. When we nourish ourselves we come alive to the love and joy and beauty all around and within, we have the energy to enjoy each moment, and we get to dance in the dharma of being.


Featured Guide

May In The Kitchen: This Season’s Best Food Practices

Spring is a time for healing and growth, sloughing off accumulations that weigh and slow us down so that life can fully bloom. 

The key is a balanced agni

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