Light On Mercury

Mercury represents the qualities of intelligence, wit and humor. Called Budh, Mercury is the planet of communication, travel and weather. He is light, quick, fluid, curious, and connecting.


Mercury, The Prince

Class Recording

Mercury governs learning, study, information-gathering, communication, self-expression, speech, media, messages, and messaging, mediation, public relations, students, pupils, disciples, commercial endeavors, trade, business exchange. 

Mercury believes in logic, clear analysis and sharp reasoning. A well-placed Mercury will be seen in the charts of writers,  journalists, astrologers, mathematicians, engineers, researchers, dealers, brokers, business and media leaders.

Mercury gives the capacity to handle stress, and the clarity to make the right choices. In Yoga, Mercury gives the discernment so essential to transform and transcend.

Mercury Class: Audio

Who is Mercury?

The Messenger In Orbit

A small planet, closest to the sun, Mercury travels with or near the Sun, so in a person’s chart Mercury is often in the sign of the Sun or flanking it. This can bring brilliance, or it can make Mercury combust, indicating “burnt out.”

Mercury In Our Solar System

Mercury 101

Mercury Gayatri Mantra

Mercury Through The Signs

Intellect, Communication, Discernment


Mercury in Aries

Clear, Sharp Mind


Mercury in Taurus

Pragmatic, Real


Mercury in Gemini

Quick-witted, Curious


Mercury in Cancer

Dreamy, Counsellor


Mercury in Leo

Bold Visions, Playful


Mercury in Virgo

Bright, Precise, Articulate


Mercury in Libra

Creative, Artistic


Mercury in Scorpio

Direct, Deep, High Emotional IQ


Mercury in Sagittarius

Idealistic, Skillful Orator


Mercury in Capricorn

Good Judgment, Realistic


Mercury in Aquarius

Unique Thinking, Humanitarian 


Mercury in Pisces

Intuitive, Spiritual

Where Is Mercury Activating You

Mercury Through The Houses

Wherever Mercury is in your chart, by house, shows what you think about, your curiosity to learn, and the interests of your self-expression. 


1st House



2nd House

Clear Voice
Public Speaking



3rd House

Loves to travel


4th House

Love of Learning
Strong Memory
Good Counsellors


5th House

Higher Education


6th House



7th House

Good in Business
Happiness in Marriage
Strong Communicator
Refined Intellect


8th House

Deep Insight
Penetrating Intellect
Dry Sense of Humour
Powerful Intuition


9th House

Travel, Pilgrimage


10th House

Wise Mediators
Professional Multitaskers
Problem Solvers


11th House

Scientific, Technical
Large Circle of Friends



12th House

Sees Opportunities
Expresses in Symbols
Quiet Brilliance
Highly Receptive

Mercury Upayas

Working With Mercury

Cultivate a relationship with Mercury with the mantra:
OM Bum Budhaya Namaha!

Mercury’s color is green, and his day is Wednesday.

The primary gem for Mercury is Emerald, to be worn on the riing or little finger of the right or left hand. Peridot, jade, green zircon or tournmaline can also be worn, best on a necklace.  

*Wearing gems should be avoided unless you are sure it is beneficial for you (requiring a Mercury, Venus or Saturn ruled Lagna, and Mercury must not be in, or rule, the 6th, 8th, 12th houses).

Herbs: Nervines like Brahmi, Gotu Kola, Bhringaraj, Passion flower, Skullcap, also Tulsi, Chamomile and Mint. 


Mercury Yantra by Sandra Pintaric 




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