Light On Saturn

Saturn shows us the resistance we need to release,  our own unique path of growth through karma, the values that make us who we are, and the power of a purpose-driven life.   

Saturn: In Capricorn til June, 2022

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Saturn moved to Capricorn January 24th where he remains in transit until June 2020. In Capricorn, Saturn is in its own sign, said to be “in dignity.” Here Saturn delivers his better qualities of discipline, patience, maturity and organization.

While Saturn is in dignity in Capricorn, Jupiter is in dignity in Sagittarius, giving us a lot of energy to focus on dharma, dharmic living and a return to harmony with our natural world. The planets are powerful now. We would do well to pay attention. 

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Saturn: The Solemn Planet

Measured, Patient, Slow & Steady

Saturn is the planet of longevity, death, justice and time. He wants you to destroy your illusions and atttachements, and will do it for you, if you don’t. 


Saturn: Time

Through the limitations of time, Saturn teaches us patience, non-attachment, endurance. Ultimately Saturn wants us to remember who we are beyond time and space.


Saturn: Discipline

“Hard work, delayed rewards” is a motto for Saturn. Effort without expectation. Effort without attachment to outcome.  Karma Yoga is Saturn’s teaching. 


Saturn: Pressure

There would be no diamonds without pressure. Saturn is definitely that force of weight and constriction that can, if we choose, forge the light of our indestructible spirit.


Saturn: Truth

Saturn scrapes away that which is non-essential, dissolving illusion, and revealing only that which is real, meaningful and authentic for you


Saturn: Teacher

Through hard work and challenge, Saturn teaches the lessons of responsibility, maturity, honesty and self-reliance. 


Saturn: Yama

By controlling our breath, we cultivate our life force. By disciplining our behaviors we cultivate strength. By controlling our mind, we cultivate peace. Saturn’s harnessing influence helps us become the heroes of our own journey.

Saturn & You

Saturn Through The Houses

Saturn is currently in the sign of Capricorn. Find Capricorn in your chart (can be indicated by the number 10) and that is the house Saturn is transitting now. You can also count, counterclockwise, from your moon to get secondary insights.


1st House

If you have Capricorn rising, Saturn is now in your first house, asking you to review your health practices. You may feel a bit invisible these days, but it is a good time to refine your resilience and self-reliance. 


2nd House

For Sagitarrius rising, Saturn is now in your second house, which is a relief after five years of diffcult Saturn crossings. Be mindful now of expenditures, as income may be tight, and refine your voice.


3rd House: Dharma

Is there a business idea or money-making project you’ve been wanting to start? Saturn in the 3rd house indicates entrepreneurship. Develop your courage, detail your steps, build mindfully and go.


4th House

With Saturn in the 4th, you may need to bring more attention to your home, your mother, your car. This is a good time for fix-it-ups and repairs. It is an important time to call your mother, and heal any mother wounds. 


5th House

With Saturn here there may be delays or disruptions with children, romance, creative projects, yet Saturn can give us the fortitude and discipline for more mindfullness in these areas. Bhakti Yoga can be helpful.


6th House

Saturn in the sixth house makes one organized and structured in dealing with animals, debts, digestion and disease. Saturn here “destroys all enemies” and may give a promotion at work. Seva is your gift now.


7th House

While a good position for business, politics, real estate, this can be trikcy for marriage and one-on-one partnerships. Seek out tools to help improve your relationships. it is a great time to learn more about who you are in relation to others. 


8th House

The 8th is the house of healing, esoteric arts like Jyotish, Ayurveda, Hatha Yoga, and alchemical transformation. Here, Saturn asks you to dig deep into the matter of things, and to heal on the deepest levels, releasing the karmas that bind. 


9th House

Saturn in the 9th may bring your more discipline for your spiritual practices, while also the need for these practices. Higher learning, religion and philosophy, the law, respecting elders, gurus, and their father, are brought into sharper focus.


10th House

Saturn gives good results in its own house. With effort and dicsipline there may be gains in career. The rise may be a slow but steady, but it will provide security and endurance. 


11th House

Saturn is happiest in the 11th house where he brings good friendships, community, gains through friends and a lot of support through their professional network to rise in life. 


12th House

With Saturn in the 12th, you are experiencing a 28 year completion cycle. It is an important time for spiritual practice, and to rest and retreat when needed. 

Saturn Upayas

Working With Saturn

We cultivate a relationship with Saturn by calling on his name with the mantra OM Sham Shaniye Namaha, or more fully OM Sham Shanayisharaaye Namah!

Also appeasing Saturn are blue flowers, sandalwood, feeding crows, and caring for the elderly. The color is dark blue, purple or indigo. The day is Saturday, and the direction is west. The gem is blue sapphire or amethyst.

Saturn’s gem should be avoided, unless you are sure it is beneficial for you (requiring a Mercury, Venus or Saturn ruled Lagna as a start).


Rahu Ketu: Global Crisis

March 28, 2020
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