Light On Saturn

Saturn is the teacher, the task master, the dark force and the guardian of the mysteries. While he causes us to accept our karma, he brings meaning to our challenges, wisdom to our struggles, resilience and integrity to our lives. 



February 22, 1pm PST

On Zoom

According to the sacred science of Jyotish, the planets are forming a productite alignment that happens once in a lifetime, offering you now tremendous support to focus, ground and materialize your heart’s dream. 

Saturn represents structure, discipline, patience, hard work, slow and steady progress, maturity and all that we learn from digging deep and hewing to our values while bravely facing life’s challenges. In this sense Saturn can bring wisdom and resilience. 

In this unique 2-hour workshop you will learn the power of Saturn, called Shani in Sanskrit, and tools to access his potent energy this year to guide your highest calling, and live your soul’s desire for you. 

Now is a rare time to actualize into your purpose and step boldly into your magnificence.  

The Power of Shiva

Integrity, Grit, Tenacity

“Saturn is the grandfather spirit, the law giver, our guiding ancestor.”
~ David Frawley


Saturn: Teacher

Even in our sleep, pain which cannot forget, falls drop by drop upon the heart, until, in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom, through the awful grace of God.
~Aeschylus, tr. RFK


Saturn: Truth

As Frawley writes, Saturn is the darkness we must overcome for the revelation of the true light. He shows us the way of transcendence through which all limitations can be overcome, by rooting into our true self.


Saturn: Grit

Giving detachment and independence, Saturn asks us to dig deep and discover our true grit, the resilience that arises from knowing our essence, our dignity, and our value.


Saturn: Fortitude

Saturn’s gifts are patience, resolve, fortitude, the value of honest work – and the lesson that ultimately we are stronger even than we ever imagined.


Saturn: Character

The dream that one day all children will be judged by the content of their character is the revelation of Saturn’s rulership in Martin Luther King.


Saturn: Structure

Saturn gives discipline, endurance, and the slow and steady progress that brings all things to fruition. While it is not glamourous, it is the intentional consistency of daily effort which ultimately constructs the edifice of our lives. 

Art: Saturn Yantra by Sarah Tomlinson, Saturn Mandala by Anton Anton Ovchinnikov


What People are Saying


I’m still reveling in the joy of my Jyotish session with you – it was very illuminating, inspiring and reassuring. Thank you so much!


“Radiant Energy”

You have such warmth, wisdom
and a radiant
energy, it’s so
joyful and



Laura’s poetic way of explaining ‘the mystery’ blew my mind, like a conversation with my very essence. Thank you Laura – your gift is divine!


“Oh my god”

“It was like she was looking into my soul. It was truly beautiful, my heart was bursting with love and gratitude to be alive.”



February 22, 2020
1:00pm PST

On Zoom
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