Light On Venus

Venus manifests the feminine spirit. She is known as the goddess of love and beauty. Venus shows affection, inspiration, creativity, appreciation for the beautiful, and harmony in life. 


Venus: Light of Beauty & Delight

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Venus is joyful in spirt, is beautiful with splendorous eyes, is the inspirer of poets, is watery and airy (kapha vata). ~ Parashara

Venus is the astral light and the light of inspiration. She is our muse, our sense of the love, and of the beloved, that draws out our sensitivity, empathy, refinement and gentleness.

Indicating art, poetry, painting, music, and dance, Venus is our aspiration to the good, the beautiful and the pure, our devotion to truth – she is love and our love of truth.

The Dance of Venus

Spherical Signatures

Often called the morning or the evening star, because Venus is most visible close to sunrise or sunset,  Venus is of course not a star but a planet – a bright planet – said to give beauty, bounty, and the gifts of the heart.

Earth’s Axis of Rotation

Dance of Planets

Spherical Signatures

Venus Through The Signs

Love, Art, Beauty


Venus in Aries



Venus in Taurus

Earth Goddess


Venus in Gemini

Artistic Intellect


Venus in Cancer

Sensitive Nurturer


Venus in Leo

Passionate Romantic


Venus in Virgo

Creative Planner


Venus in Libra



Venus in Scorpio

Phoenix Rising


Venus in Sagittarius

Romantic Philosopher


Venus in Capricorn

Romantic Realist


Venus in Aquarius

Freedom Loving


Venus in Pisces

Ideal Love

Where Is Venus Active For You Now

Venus Through The Houses

Venus is currently transitting her own sign of Taurus. She entered nature-loving Taurus March 28 and remains until July 31, igniting unity, creativity, romance and joy. We are longing to get out and delight in nature, recreate with friends or share a meal with loved ones. 


1st House

Charm & Magnetism
Health & Beauty
Exuding Love
Wellness Advisor


2nd House

Beautiful Voice
Poetic Expressions
Increased Income
Strength in Family


3rd House

Creative Writer
Good relations with siblings
Rich Friendships
Artistic or Enterpreneurial 


4th House

Homes & Gardens
Style Queen
Domestic Goddess
Inspiring Mother


5th House

Romantic & Playful
Fun with Children
Devotional & Creative
Idealistic in Love


6th House

Compassionate Healer
Beauty in Service
Generous in Love
Holistic & Meaningful


7th House

Boost to Marriage
Charming Connectors
Effective Advocate
Artistic Achievement


8th House

Deep, Sensitive, Intuitive
Passion & Intensity
Penetrating Insight
Healing Empathy


9th House

Exploration & Knowledge
Spiritual Love
Altruism, Atma Vichara
Travel, Pilgrimage


10th House

Professional Opportunity
Joy in Dharma
Enjoyment of Arts
Respect, Wealth, Renown


11th House

Social expansion
Prosperity & financial gain
Support from family & community


12th House

Dreamy Romantic
Sensual Pleasures
Financial Gains + Indulgence
Rest & Retreat

Venus Upayas

Working With Venus

We cultivate a relationship with Venus with the mantra:
OM Hrim Shukraya Namaha!

Venus loves flowers so all florals will draw her energy to you, especially rose, jasmine, saffron. Her color is pink, creamy white, or any pastel. Her day is Friday.

Venus’ gem is Diamond. White Zircon or diamond-like stones, and clear crystal work, although to a lesser degree. *Wearing gems should be avoided unless you are sure it is beneficial for you (requiring a Mercury, Venus or Saturn ruled Lagna, and Venus must not be in or rule the 6th, 8th, 12th houses).

Venus Yantra by Sarah Tomlinson




Peering Into The Stars


I’m still reveling in the joy of my Jyotish session with you – it was very illuminating, inspiring and reassuring. Thank you so much!


“Radiant Energy”

You have such warmth, wisdom and a radiant energy, it’s so joyful and contagious.



Laura’s poetic way of explaining ‘the mystery’ blew my mind, like a conversation with my very essence. Thank you Laura, your gift is divine!


“Oh my god”

“It was like she was looking into my soul. It was truly beautiful, my heart was bursting with love and gratitude to be alive.”