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People see Laura for all kinds of reasons. Some want to learn more about their life and destiny, to examine their cosmic blueprint and see themselves in the stars. Those people book a Jyotish Consult.

Other people want to know more about themselves as unique, divine expressions of nature – and to feel more alive in every way. Some people look for guidance in nutrition, cooking, sacred eating ways and consult with Laura on establishing healthy food habits that are both delicious and manageable. Others want help healing from chronic illness, chronic pain, mental maladies, a hurting heart, and those people book an Ayurvedic Consult with Laura.

Some people want advice on Ayurvedic herbs for balance or vitality; some people want to be more creatively fulfilled, professionally abundant, or spiritually embodied. Others want to grow their Yoga, deepen their Sadhana and expand more fully into the bliss of Self-realization. For these and any Jyotish, Ayurveda or Yoga related reasons, you can book a consult with Laura here.