Mentorship Council

Enlightened Counsel For Your Enlightened Life

Are you ready for soulful living? 


 Explore soul tending in loving community. Get the support you need to discover, reveal and shine the light of your heart.

This New Year I am offering a Mentorship Council – weekly group online meetings with other like-hearted women offering guidance in soulful living, whole person wellness, personal growth and inspiring self-knowledge.

This is Vedic counseling for wholeness, connection and peace dancing with wisdom. It is affirming support in setting intentions & staying in your heart with career, relationship, health, life. It is a balm that helps you to be a calm and inspired presence in the storm that is modern living.

This is a call to The Gathering Field, the place where together we resurrect the dreaming seed, and step full into embodied grace. A place where you are rooted in soul to love the beauty of you, live the fullness of you, and serve with joy the heart of you. 

What This Is

For years now I have been asked to offer mentoring to women seeking to deepen their connection to their heart, their soul, their authentic voice, the beauty of their own profound existence. This year, the Mentorship Council is my answer to that call.

Building on all that I have learned from my own life, from the Vedic sciences, from world masters and sages, and from running The Sophia Camp for Girls where I see year after year the concerns and challenges women have from MIddle School to middle age – and what works to build resilience, confidence, connection, self-compassion and creative self-ownership. 

I believe in women. I believe in the power of the heart. I believe that our togetherness is the hope and the light of this world. I want to help you remember your truth, to live your soul’s purpose, to taste the nectar of infinite joy, and to shine bright. 

How It Works

Beginning January 21, 2019 we will gather in council once a week for 4 weeks. We will meet on Zoom for 75 minutes. Groups will be limited in size so that everyone can receive personal attention. 

At the start of the Mentorships you will receive a welcome email with our group intention, weekly themes, and a practice to get started. Each Tuesday you will receive an email with that week’s prompts + the practice. Each week will build on the prior so that we build habits and momentum to soar by week 6. 

While there is structure in our meeting, our prompts and practices, this will be very responsive mentoring. To be able to live in the moment and respond creatively and spontaneously to the needs of the moment is a goal of all spiritual practice. To cultivate that skillful presence, we will practice compassionate listening and spontaneous creative being.

We will encourage connection and sistership through exercises, our online forum, and authentic sharing, and the Seva of being heart to heart in the one heart. 


Who Is This For


This is for women who know there is something valuable, essential and brave within, but who feel its voice or its way could be clearer. It is for everyone who wants connection, beauty, joy, wholeness, and soulful living.


It is not for those who “do not have time” or anyone looking for straight up, cookie-cutter professional tools, or anyone looking for cookie-cutter anything, straight up.


Investment: $297
Everyone who joins will also get 20% off my personal services (until March 31, 2019).


The first 10 to register will get a one year subscription to my all-new Best Guides – a monthly service to help you build an Ayurvedic lifestyle one step, one bite, one sumptuous practice at a time – for free.





an assembly or meeting for consultation or advice: that evening, she held a family council.
ORIGIN Old English (in the sense ecclesiastical assembly): from Anglo-Norman French cuncile, from Latin concilium convocation, assembly, from con- together + calare summon. Compare with counsel.

Thank you Laura for giving me such divine spiritual experience; meeting you was one of the best thing happened to me. Remembering our time together brings tears of joy in my eyes and makes me feel light as air.


Laura has changed my life with her radical love for others, Ayurveda, and all things whole and Healing! I carry the knowledge she so freely shares in my back pocket.


Laura has taken me to the next level of my life. Deep and insightful she guided me on a path of next steps to take, and it was delivered with love and support. Truly a gift given by an earth angel.


Thanks so much for working with me. I truly feel like I’m going in the direction I want to be in, and I can relax in the softness there. 


I consdier you a mentor. You have meant so much to me in my life. Thank you!