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Welcome to Sisters & Sages: up close and personal conversations with enlightening teachers, scrumptious sisters and inspiring sages to share with you their divine inspiration, the power of soul connection, the beauty of these extraordinary people and the majesty that is everywhere all around, all the time.


When I think about Mooji, and how graciously he invited me to come sit with him and his team for this interview, I feel such deep gratitude. Sometimes grace descends. This was a moment where I felt grace as a river pouring down and I was just lucky enough to be   there, knee-deep in her waters. 

There are two parts to this – my interview with Mooji + the first part of a Satsang he gave earlier that same day as we all sat on the banks of that great river of grace, the Ganges, at The International Yoga Festival. The interviews are in two unique videos below, and the podcast unites the two. Both were filmed during my India Yatra, a truly remarkable trip to spiritual India and you are invited to join us in 2019. 💕

Here in the U.S. it is the week of Thanksgiving. Where ever you live, gratitude is a universal and a powerful way to get back to the heart. I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving, the joy of a grateful heart always, and I hope you enjoy this wisdom from Mooji.

To learn more about Mooji and his heart of service, please visit mooji.org.


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