AUTUMN CLEANSE – A Special 10 for 10!

Would you like to feel clear, balanced, renewed, vibrant in mind and light in body while enjoying the natural sumptuousness of this season’s soups, stews, broths, and other warm delights… with delicious recipes, a meal plan, Ayurvedic wisdom and tips ~ all for just $10?


Restore Balance And Rediscover Your Naturally Beautiful Radiance

When the seasons change it is an important time to bring renewed awareness to our daily food habits. During these transitions, as with all the transitions of our lives, our systems become more vulnerable, potentially weakening immune function, and making us susceptible to colds, flu, or simply feeling run down. Now is the time to reset with an easy-to-digest, light but hearty, warming whole food cleanse that helps boost your immune system, improve digestion, enhance energy and clarity, while restoring calm and confidence.

10 for 10

This 10 for 10 Cleanse gives you ten unique recipes perfect for an Autumn cleanse and a seasonal reset. The meals are delicious, hearty, and simple to make, with ingredients easy to source – all inspired Ayurveda’s genius for whole body wellness. This 10 for 10 Autumn Cleanse also includes a meal plan, which you can adapt to a 3-day, 5-day or week-long cleanse, plus suggestions and recipes for teas and tonics.

It’s all here. 

Enjoy. xo

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