Welcome to our Ayurveda Summer Cleanse!

Prepare to chill. To relax, rejuvenate and restore.

This is really more of a reset than a Cleanse. We are cleaning out our pantries, and putting in clean, fresh, nourishing food in a way that encourages your body to purify, release stagnation, and lighten up.  Hopefully more than anything, this is a return to wellness, a return to your natural intelligence, a return to the beauty of you, and not just a blip in time. A new way of approaching food, nutrition, self-love, your relationship with you.

Please begin by reviewing my Ayurveda Summer Webinar below, as it gives principles which we will build upon in our daily classes. Above all, please know that with all of my seasonal cleanses, my intent is to remind you that you are nature; that when you live according to nature’s love and her rhythms, radiant freedom, joy and wellness surge.


Your Ayurveda Summer Booklet is full of delicious, easy to prep meal recipes, plus a grocery list + Ayurvedic tips to help you focus and plan your week. It is all about fresh, local and sustainable so pick up what’s available at your local farmer’s market and we will be sure to make room for that. I look forward to getting started and renewing summer’s vibrant vitality with you.

And when your Summer Reset is complete, here is inspiration for integrating back into everyday life  ~  SUMMER INTEGRATION BOOKLET


Summer Cleanse Daily Classes

Ayurveda Summer Cleanse

Ayurveda Summer Wellness
1 hour Webinar Replay

More Resources

You can join our Ayurveda All Seasons Wellness Facebook Group here, which I will check daily to answer questions or see what creations you’ve enjoyed.    I will also go live in this private group Wednesday at 9am PDT to check in and answer questions. 

Below you will also find a deep relaxation audio and a gentle Yoga practice to enjoy as we prepare. 

Ayurvedic Supplies

Depending on your grocer’s availability items in our cleanse (particularly mung beans) may be difficult to find. To make it easy,  you can order and have it shipped to your doorstep.

Here are some items I like to keep stocked any season:

Ayurvedic Cleanse Bundle
Green Whole Mung Bean
Total Body Cleanse
Ayurvedic Herbal Teas
Daily Routine

For anything you would like from Banyan Botanicals use the code 20BANSTUD for 20% off. Good until August 8, 2021.

Slow Flow Yoga 

During an Ayurvedic Cleanse, we are advised to move less and rest more. Mindful exercises like walking and gentle swiming can be helpful for circulation and elimination. Yoga is a beautiful way to purify and cleanse.

Above is a replay of Emily’s Live Yoga class. This just gives you an alternative – a slow flow summer morning practice set against the San Diego skyline. 

If you want to connect with Emily for more Yoga or Ayurveda, her website is here.

Thank you for your commitment to health and wellness.
I hope this Summer Cleanse restores your sense of  freedom and joy in body, mind and spirit. 

I am a Brit, so not prone to hyperbole, but I have to say I have woken up feeling absolutely amazing every day since beginning this Cleanse.
Thank you Laura Plumb! x

Jacky B

I am doing fantastic! This was by far the most effective cleanse for me… Every Pitta-deranged person on the planet should do it!
Sending you lots of love and gratitude!

Cheryl D

I am having so much fun with all of the recipes! My husband was satisfied & amazed at the creative use of foods.
Thank You!
Carolyn S