Mystic MeditationsGuided Meditation: Remembrance of Self

Selections from The Upanishads

In ancient times, the enlightened sages of the Himalayas brought us great wisdom, spiritual vision and a pathway to self-realization in the sacred teachings known as the Upanishads. In this poetic meditation of favorite verses, you hear the truths of time immemorial, allowing you to surrender into your own sacred self and, releasing all that does not serve, open to the true song of your heart.

This is poetry of the soul to remind you who you are and your divine place in the oneness of creation.

Thank you for joining me in this awakened wisdom. 🙏🏽



Sharing this with all my friends today Laura. Thank you so much. I listen and realize what an impact your words and guidance have had in my life, and I bow in gratitude. So much healing. I love you Laura, and wish you pure joy, love and happiness always.
Rhonda P.

I love your meditations. So much!! Listening to your heart-centering meditation in the morning and the Sacred Remembrance at night has revitalized my practice. Yes – they are a deep remembrance. Perfect word. I have a number of recorded meditations but I like yours best of all!
Pamela H.

The meditations you lead are some of the most powerful I have ever done. Complete relaxation. How can I get more?
Charlene W.

Thank you for being someone who helps guide me from darkness to light, from fear to hope, and to take even greater risks to touch the hem of holiness.

Pastor Scotty