21 Days of Yoga + Ayurveda + Healthy Eating = Sacred, Sexy, Sumptuous You :: January 8-28

Start the Year as You Intend to Live it ~ Start Strong: Live Strong!


Are you ready for Yes? 

Think of this as your best friend who has listened to you, who hears your heart, who knows what you are capable of, and who is now saying “Right, let’s do this thing.”

I am here to help you acknowledge your greatness, grab hold of your talent and transform your today into a glorious tomorrow.

With 21 days of coaching, clarifying tools, heart-opening goal-setting, timeline envisioning, group love and soul-stirring exercises  – along with Yoga, Meditation, self-care practices we will shake the rafters of the cosmos and enjoy what heavenly gifts pour down.



After 15 years of teaching, training and coaching people using the time-tested tools of Vedic science (the source of Yoga, Ayurveda, Vedanta and so much more), I have put together the best of what works. This is everything I’ve got, everything I do in my own life, and with my long-term clients and students. This is a 21-day summary of the best of my Ayurvedic practices, paired with a healthy dose of Yoga, the mystical insights of Jyotish, and the profoundly transformative CORE Coaching that has liberated so many from emotional baggage.


What do you get?

You get 21 days of sacred, sumptuous living with Yoga practices for morning and evening, Ayurveda everyday self-care, and whole food, plant-based recipes to nourish and purify. You get love and support for your body, mind and soul. You get every reason to believe in you, follow your bliss, turn a new leaf, live by intuition, expand your range, accept love, open to miracles and make this your most intimate, connected year yet.

And you get: Weekly group calls for guidance and coaching, a recorded morning Meditation, weekly Monday night Meditations live (by phone), videos of Yoga, daily email affirmations, inspiration and reminders to dance, laugh, love and, most of all, be good to yourself.

You also get: your own downloadable, keep-it-for-life, colorful booklet with 21 days of health, wellness, wisdom and recipes for sacred, sumptuous living. Plus: getting started videos, daily email motivations, creative, downloadable “posters” like this one reminding you of the benefits of nature’s bounty, as well as private forum for friendship, encouragement and team support, a home base website with bonus materials, AM and PM Yoga sequences created just for this series, an exclusive New Year New You Soul Meditation, and a guided relaxation recording specially designed for your deepest rejuvenation.

Is this for me?

This is for you if: You want to learn… You want to live… You want a new start… You want a restart… You love healthy living… You have goals you want to achieve… You like being in the company of good-hearted like-minded people… You are a leader… You are a joiner… You are comfortable doing things your own way… You know you’ve got something special in you… You are ready to say Yes – to life, to love, to you, to this new year now.

Can I do this? 

We have a day plan, a week plan, a 21 day plan, colorful inspirational posters, daily motivational emails, weekly calls, a dynamic and committed team supporting you, an online forum for questions or up-to-the-minute help, the possibility for one-on-one coaching, and the very best tools for transformation the world has ever known…

So, YES, if your desire is pure and your intent is clear, you will be successful!

Is this another “Cleanse” or Weight Loss program? 

No. This is about getting right with you so you can have the life that is waiting for you. This is about feeling good in your body, good in your choices, good in your relationships, good in your work, good in your beauty, and good in your soul. Beauty is an inside job. In this program you will learn to go beyond the “news” and find what’s right for you. You will explore your right own right alignment, right nourishment, right movement, right relationships – all to find your right way to shine. Our motto is “Be who you are!” From there, everything unfolds: divine grace, ease, beauty, love, abundance.

Do I need to be a Vegetarian? 

No. Whatever your body/soul needs are, we honor that! I will provide you with delicious, easy, soul and body nourishing plant based whole food recipes you can supplement with your lean protein of choice. So it is perfect for Paleo’s, and it is also an excellent way for anyone Vegan or Vegetarian to get the most nutrition from your meals.

NEW YEAR NEW YOU :: 21 days into YAHE: Yoga + Ayurveda + Healthy Eating :: begins January 8, 2017


What do I need?

A  journal and about 15 minutes a day.  Plus food, but you’d have to buy that anyway…

Why now?

Harness the power of now… Leverage the strength of Community. Make friends, join a movement, get team support… Enjoy an easy, effective, joyful new way to begin the new year realizing your own possibility for yourself. Start strong! I’ll be with you all the way.


Fact #1: You get to eat whatever you want.
Most of us think that to be healthy, we have to starve ourselves or subsist on bland, boring food. The truth is we can enjoy fabulous foods – easy to make and fun to share. This program will show you how – plus, once a week we are going to get to indulge and enjoy whatever we want, and still call it a win. 

Fact #2: It’s not your fault. 
Have you been hearing this one? It’s going around in integrative health circles, as more and more people are recognizing that science has mislead us. The fact is that many, many people have tried so hard to follow all the right prescriptions for their health, while finding themselves sinking deeper into the very thing they are trying to avoid: weight gain, stress, fatigue, sickness, headaches, digestive problems, etc. This program will help you sort the truth from the noise, to find your best way to support your best self. 

Fact #3: Being healthy is hard, and getting harder with every year.
It’s true that to be healthy we need to establish right practices, but this should be fun, supportive and or it is not going to be sustainable. In fact, right lifestyle practices connect you to a part of you that is nourishing, life-affirming, sweet, wise, and connected. Being healthy should make you happy, and happiness is the strongest foundation for health. This where we start – Happy, Healthy and Whole!

Fact #4: Meditation
Paramahansa Yogananda used to say, “If you want to lose weight, meditate. If you want to be smarter, meditate. If you want more money, meditate. If you don’t have time, meditate.” Meditation connects you to truth, where all the gifts of your life is revealed. From that center of your being, blossoms everything you need, and more joy, more purpose, more love than you might have imagined. Our program offers meditations for morning, evening and one to create a powerful new year.

Fact #5: Community lifts us up
Many studies now show, “friending up reduces stress.” We are social creatures. We always do best when we are seen, heard and supported by like-minded, heart-centered people. So, you can try to do this on your own. If you fail, you can then beat yourself up, and diminish your self-esteem. Or, you can join us and get creative, make new friends, have a great time, and soar into success with a smile.

What’s it worth? 

The Value? Of Yoga Sadhana, recorded AM & PM Yoga + Meditations, a month of Ayurvedic self-care, healthy eating and lifestyle plan + recipes, weekly phone-in guidance, daily motivational emails + group coaching? To get this from me in one-on-one consults would take three to four months of weekly guidance that would cost $1200 or more… Plus, you wouldn’t get the group support, daily emails, healthy eating recipes and self-care booklets and the wonderful new friends you will make in these 21 days together. Honestly, I made such great new friends last time, and am always hearing about the beautiful circles of friends that grow out of these courses. What is the value of friendship, love, belonging, wisdom?

Price: $397

Get NY+NY for $297!
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It is time for us, people of the heart, to rise up, unite and make our world more beautiful in every way. We can do this. And I am here to help. I hope you will join me to start 2017 strong.

Meanwhile, I wish you radiant joy this holiday season, and a Happy New Year.

Love always,

With your help, and this course, I am free of the emotional baggage that has plagued me for decades. Thank you Laura. You are a godsend.


Let’s do another 21 days, and support one another on this beautiful site Laura created, that we all have grown from and shall keep on growing and opening our hearts to LOVE. Because we’re all worth it and we ARE love.

Gretchen A.

I so appreciate this NYNY and have had a few key insights thanks to your coaching and through others’ exercises. I may just keep going another 21 days!


This program is my oxygen mask! Much needed, and long over due. Thank you for giving me the tools and teaching me how to love myself. You have done such a beautiful job putting this together.

Sarah C.