Have you dreamt of great adventure? Where is the one place you would go if you could go anywhere? Or even better, what is the one place that you know would change you if you could go there?

As I am gently reconfiguring my life, and my life’s purpose, adventure calls my name. To follow the call of the wild, to peer into the eyes of God in an Orca or a Bengal tiger, to know oneself more truly with each step into the unknown, and to feel the brisk breeze of scaling new heights.

Physical and mental challenge, a sense of purpose, enlightened service in some way, and the heightened awareness that comes when everything is unfamiliar – these are the criteria.  Got any great ideas for me?

Meanwhile, my first adventure starts now! In India, I am looking forward to the International Yoga Festival 2017, a union of Yogis from all over the world gathered on the banks of “Mother Ganges” in the foothills of the Himalayas which begins March 1. From there, I will be spending five days on an Organic Retreat at Navdanya, Dr Vandana Shiva’s Farm in the Ganges plains of north India. After that, we are going to begin planning a Girls School at Parmarth Niketan in Rishikesh, so the girls can get that great “gurukul” education the boys get.

I will be filming this trip, posting those videos on my site and around social media. The entire trip is Seva and I want to share it with you. If you would like to support this trip, you can contribute here, and I would be so grateful. One day, this may become a burgeoning conscious adventure business, but for now it is all volunteer.

Would you like to join me for Yoga + Ayurveda in India? I’ll be leading a divine trip in 2018. Dream with me and get the details here.

If you like to travel – even if you don’t, but you have to – these 7 tips from Ayurveda and experience help me travel better, and hopefully will help you too.

Whether they are far flung or deeply inward, I wish you happy adventures!


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