OM Matters is an eco-friendly women’s Yoga apparel company centered on Compassion: to ourselves, to at-risk youth and to the planet.  It was started by Yogi Tambra Wayne, with the intent to create a business that exemplifies the philosophies of Yoga beyond Asana.

I love OM Matters because of their dedication to teaching the values and power of Yoga, and because of their dedication to living the first of Yoga’s principles. Ahimsa, or the principle of non-harming, OM Matters seeks to be kind to all people, and kind to our environment. {Read more here…} But I have to admit, I also love “OMM” because their tops, designed by artist Stina Persson, are so beautiful, poetic, soft and comfy. I sleep in my Pranayama Tee, it’s that cozy. Click on any image to learn more or purchase.



Tambra Wayne is a friend, and OM Matters is a company I support. I believe in conscious entrepreneurship, I believe in Tambra’s good heart and strong stewardship, and I believe in the mission of OMM. In that spirit, I have an affiliate relationship with the company. This means that if you purchase something from OM Matters by following one of the links from my website, I will get a small percentage. In this way, we are all encouraged to keep the love flowing. For that, for you, I am grateful.

Learn more about how OM Matters gives back and shares Yoga forward by clicking on the image below.