Laura Plumb

Dedicated to the emerging field of Healer/Poet/Priest where Mind-Body Medicine engages the Spirit for Whole Being Wellness, Laura’s work nourishes body, mind, soul – because your true self care is world care. 




Author of the best-selling book Ayurveda Cooking For Beginners, director of VedaWise, and creator of numerous courses and series on Ayurveda, Laura promotes sacred, sumptuous living through the Vedic sciences of Ayurveda, Jyotish, Mantra and Devi Sadhana. She has studied with some of the great masters of our time, practicing and sharing what she has learned from the heart-centered wisdom schools of the world. Her blog food-alovestory.com is an inspirational resource for Ayurvedic nourishment and delight.


As a graduate of the Kerala Ayurveda Academy, the American Institute of Vedic Studies, and with decades of study of Yoga, Meditation, Vedanta, Jyotish, herbal medicine, nutrition, energy medicine, health and healing, Laura is an international educator on the power of the Vedic sciences to promote vibrant health and sacred living.

Founder and Director of VedaWise, Laura Plumb leads workshops, trainings and teaches worldwide. She is widely recognized for understanding and sharing the deeper principles of Ayurveda while making them accessible and relevant to modern life.

Laura is lead faculty for the Ayurvedic Integrated Nutrition 200 hour Professional Training, author of the best-selling book Ayurveda Cooking For Beginners, creator/presenter of the online video course The Medicine In Your Kitchen: Introduction to Ayurvedic Cooking hosted by Spirituality & Health, host of the 53-part television show CleanseVeda available through Gaia and Amazon, and a 12-part series called Divine Yoga available at Amazon.

Formerly the General Manager of The Discovery Channel Europe, Laura offers clinical services in natural medicine and health practitioner trainings in the Vedic sciences. She leads online courses, and gives classes and consultations in Ayurveda, Jyotish, Yoga Therapy, Whole Food Cooking and Nutrition. Additonally Laura has served as a contributing Ayurvedic educator at the UCSD Center for Integrative Medicine, is presently faculty in Yoga Studies at Pacific College of Health Sciences, is an Ambassador for Banyan Botanicals and runs The Sophia Camp for Girls, dedicated to cultivating self-esteem, self-care and self-regulation through Yoga, Ayurveda, female leadership mentoring and creative play.

Laura’s blog food-alovestory.com is an inspirational free resource for Ayurvedic recipes and wise living. Her popular whole food, plant-based seasonal cleanses are powerful, effective and deliciously nourishing. She has articles published on Huffington Post, Ayurveda Next Door, Spirituality & Health, Well + Good, Yoga Digest and the Times of India, among other national and international media.

Contact Laura at laura@lauraplumb.com   


Meditation, Thich Nhat Hanh
Ayurveda & Healing, American Institute of Vedic Studies (AIVS)
Advanced Ayurveda & Yoga, AIVS
Ayurvedic Astrology, AIVS
Ayurveda Wellness Counselor, Kerala Ayurveda Academy (KAA)
Ayurveda Wellness Practitioner, KAA
Ayurveda Clinicals, Kerala Ayurveda, Cochin
Ayurveda PK, Vaidyagrama
Navdanya Agro-ecology, Bija Vidyapeeth
Jyotish Counselling, Jeffrey Armstrong
Jyotish & Upayas, James Kelleher
Jyotish Nakshatras, Komilla Sutton
RYT-500, AIVS, ParaYoga, TKV Desikachar
Ganga Yoga, Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh
Shamanic Healing, Foundation for Shamanic Studies
Shamanic Journeys, don Miguel Riuiz
Way of the Nagual: Life Mastery, Rita Rivera
40 years meditation
40 years nutritional study
35 years herbal study
Boston College, MCL Class of 84


Daughter of the lakes, explorer of the ocean of perennial wisdom,
Love led me to Yoga, then Jyotish, Ayurveda, India and the glory of the Vedas.
Now I live in a place called ‘awe’ – for who knew the heart could be so deep,
or that life could rise up with such beauty, vigor and grace?
I teach to remember, nourish, inspire.


“Thank you for being someone who helps guide me from darkness to light, from fear to hope, and to take even greater risks to touch the hem of holiness.” ~ Pastor Scotty

“Laura is a gifted teacher, with knowledge, dedication and a spirit of love that is unsurpassed. She has touched my life in a most unforgettable way.” ~ Cecelia

“Laura is a dream come true. A kind, gentle soul very rare to find with all the great divine qualities. You instantly feel so comfortable in her presence. She’s helping me a great deal with my health so that I am able to lower the toxic drugs prescribed that make me feel worse. I highly recommend Laura. Her graceful attitude will take you to a higher divine level.” ~ Yanick

Contact Laura at laura@lauraplumb.com   |  Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

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