April 2020 Spring Cleanse


APRIL 5-12

7 days of guidance, live daily lessons with Q&A and personal support, daily motivation, daily Yoga, daily meditation and a week of delicious recipes + a package of split mung dal, Ayurvedic herbs, and a daily detox tea to give you a week of cleaning and a month of renewal.

Designed to help you restore your vibrant light, this cleanse gives you: a detailed handbook with Ayurvedic guidance for spring, delicious recipes and a shopping list + a fun morning Yoga practice, a breath practice and a mind detox meditation. Plus, wisdom-packed emails to support you with love and inspiration every day of our Cleanse.

Within 24 hours of  purchase, you will receive an email with the Spring Cleanse Web link. Please look for it in your spam folders if you don’t see it.

Thank you!



I knew by choosing to participate that I would be once again connecting with my Divine Essential Self, and I did!  I’m mentally clear and have a bounce in my step again.  Not only did I lose 3 pounds, but my skin looks more radiant, my eyes are clear and sparkly and my smile is even brighter!  The best part for me about the cleanse is first and foremost the amazing recipes that you provide, and also the connection with others who are on the same journey.  It’s like making friends with Soul Stars! 🙂   ~ Gina

The last couple of days a few people have been asking me, what have I been doing, because I’m looking good lately. I’m not trying to be overly vain or anything, but MY, I have been starting to radiate more and look younger. I think all these MIRACLE Gifts Laura has been guiding us all in are A MIRACLE! I see people all around me not knowing that we all have the opportunity to REALLY change our lives for MUCH better, even beyond ways that maybe we never even thought of! ~ Shirley

I feel so alive, am noticing with my senses so much more…especially with trying all these new tasty recipes…I am in heaven! ~ Joan

“Today I had so much energy and I’ve already lost about 3 pounds! I feel very satisfied. Love it!!!” ~ Rosie

This 5 day Spring Cleanse is designed to help you remember and restore your vibrant light. You will receive a detailed handbook with Ayurvedic wisdom, guidance for spring, delicious recipes and a shopping list + a simply morning Yoga practice, a breath practice and a mind detox mediation. Plus, I will be going live with you for our launch on Monday and connecting with you for motivation and inspiration each and every day of our Cleanse.

After purchase, on March 28, we will send you a Welcome email with a link to our Spring Cleanse Home Page with all the materials you need for your Spring Cleanse + Yoga, Breath and Meditation practices for the entire season + daily self care practices most beneficial for spring.