The Role of Aromatic Herbs in the Ayurveda Kitchen


Saturday, December 2
9am-12pm Pacific Time
Online Live

What is the role of aromatic herbs in Ayurveda? Is there Ayurveda in the herbs more associated with European traditions? How can we work with these herbs for healing and balance?

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Class will include lecture, demos, handouts and Q&A,
and will be recorded for your access 24 hours after class finishes



As a science that merged in India, Ayurveda has extensive teachings on spices, but less on the aromatic herbs, like parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, peppermint, oregano – herbs so familiar in Italian or French cooking, and in so many of the meals we enjoy regularly.

So what is their value? Do aromatic herbs have medicinal benefits?

Of course! The same Ayurveda principles that apply to food, apply to herbs, which carry more phytonutrients generally, per weight, than vegetables.

The essence of aromatic herbs is its essential oils, giving its unique identity and medicinal value. Their strong aroma comes from the evaporation of these oils. Aromatic herbs’ volatile oils help kindle the digestive fire, stimulate circulation, nourish reproductive flow, and optimize breathing, helping to expectorate the lungs and open the sinuses.

Aromatic oils are penetrating, subtle, clear, light, dry, and help flush stagnant tissues. In this class we will review their role in healing, with specifics on each, and how to incorporate them in Ayurvedic meals, with a few illustrative recipes and demos.

I look forward to sharing this wisdom and the joy of Ayurveda cooking with you! 🍃


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