Light on Jupiter: Year of Dharma


January 18, 9am PST 

2020 sees Jupiter in Sagittarius with Saturn moving into Capricorn. These are significant transits that will affect many, mostly in positive ways. Overall, it promises to be a more constructive, expansive, and joy-filled year.

Set your intention for the New Year based on how the universe wants to support you now, learn about Jupiter’s grace and what it means for you, and explore the genius of Jyotish with this first class in my new series, Peering Into The Stars: Vedic Astrology & You.
90 minutes + extra 30 minute Q&A

Jupiter is the planet of Dharma. With his current transit into Sagittarius he is asking us to ask the big questions< Why I am here? What is my purpose?

In this workshop we will focus on how Jupiter wants to help you this year, very specifically where he is active in your life right now, how to call in that help and use it to its best benefit, and truly know your purpose to serve and live in joy.

This is the first in a series on the planets, and the launch of My Big Idea movement, helping you launch your big idea for the world.

Learn more about Jyotish here, or book a session to learn more about *your* stars and how this year's transits will uplift you.


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