Jyotish: Class on Mars



Saturday, June 13
1pm PT (Find Your Local Time)

What do Mahatma Gandhi and Adolph Hitler have in common? They both have a Libra Mars in the Ascendant.

Mars is very active right now. Currently in an air sign, it is like wind-whipped flames stirring up unrest and uncertainty.  In this class we will not only take a look at Mars power to give you drive, will, and focused energy for fruitful action, but also how Mars is affecting all these retrograde planets we are experiencing this month.




Mars (also Mangal or Kuja) is a warrior planet (Kshatriya) by nature. He is assertive, hasty, Pitta (fire) constitution, dynamic, bold, determined. He carries forward actions of the King (Sun) and has a soldier mentality. 

Mars is connected to the element of fire, on the internal level, he is connected to agni, the fire of digestion. 

Mars can be positive for determined action, penetrating insight, physical prowess, mechanical skill, depth and research, surgery, cooking, psychology, occult knowledge, martial arts, and even matters relating to the earth or land. A strong Mars can give us focus, courage, resilience.

Join us to learn how to strengthen the energy of Mars in your life in order to best rise.

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