Jyotish Class: The Sun



Saturday June 20
1pm PT (Pacific Coast time USA/Canada)

The Sun is said to be the face of Truth, the cause of light, the life-giving force. In our charts, the Sun shows our divinity, our dharma, our soul.

Join us on the Solstice to celebrate the light, learn what the Sun is expressing in your chart, what not to do during a solar eclipse and practice a ritual to cultivate the light within.

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“I know that great being who has the effulgence of the Sun beyond darkness. Only knowing him can one go beyond death.” ~ Yajur Veda

Worship of the Sun is “the oldest form of religion, as religion itself is a seeking of the light.”  ~ Dr. David Frawley

The Sun is our manifestation of the cosmic or universal light. All the planets shine with the reflected light of the Sun.

A well-placed Sun in your chart will give intelligence, perception, warmth and strength of character.

This Class is 2 hours, followed by Q&A. I try to make it very relevant to your chart, and current circumstances, and am happy to answer your questions at the end to give you the best understanding possible.

After class, you will be sent a link to a dedicated Jyotish Mercury Member Page where you will find the class recording as a video and as an audio replay, along with bonus material to expand your knowledge, and you will have this membership page indefinitely to return to any time you want.


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