Jyotish: Light on Mercury



JUNE 6, 1pm PT

Explore the genius of Jyotish with this fifth class in my new series, Jyotish: Peering Into The Stars – Vedic Astrology & You. Learn about the power of Mercury to give intellect, connection, right living, wealth, wit and play.

Learn about Mercury’s upcoming retrograde motion,  his impact on your chart personally, and how to access his energy to lift you up.




Mercury represents the qualities of intelligence, wit and humor. Called Budh, Mercury is the planet of communication, travel and weather. He is light, quick, fluid, curious, and connecting.

Mercury believes in logic, clear analysis and sharp reasoning and when strong gives clear expression and verbal power.

A well-placed Mercury will be seen in the charts of writers,  journalists, astrologers, mathematicians, engineers, researchers, dealers, brokers, business and media leaders.

Mercury is important in life as it gives the capacity to handle stress, and the clarity to make the right choices. In Yoga, Mercury gives the discernment so essential to transform and transcend.

After class, you will be sent a link to a dedicated Jyotish Mercury Member Page where you will find the class recording as a video and as an audio replay, along with bonus material to expand your knowledge, and you will have this membership page indefinitely to return to any time you want.


Learn more about Jyotish here, or book a session to learn more about *your* stars and how this year’s transits will uplift you.


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