Jyotish: Light On The Moon


MAY 9 2020, 2pm PST

Explore the genius of Jyotish with this fourth class in my new series, Jyotish: Peering Into The Stars – Vedic Astrology & You. Learn about the power of the Moon whose luminescence shines like the Queen of the night, whose power governs the ocean’s tides, and whose wax and wane can influence behavior like no other. Learn about the Moon’s nightly transits and what it means for you based on your chart, as well as how to align with her flow to best receive her grace.

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Moon represents mother, nurturance, food, home. Representing the cosmic feminine force, the Moon is Goddess or Devi, Shakti or Prakriti, Divine Mother and Creatrix, ruling creation, but particularly space, water and mind. The moon shows how we relate to others, our social consciousness, our feeling response to life, our personality and the astral body.

The Moon is so central to Jyotish that understanding where your moon is placed and how to strengthen it or remedy any afflictions is an essential starting point for Jyotish consults.

You will be sent a link to a dedicated Jyotish Moon Member Page where you will find the class recording as a video and as an audio replay, along with bonus material to expand your knowledge, and you will have this membership page indefinitely to return to any time you want.


Learn more about Jyotish here, or book a session to learn more about *your* stars and how this year’s transits will uplift you.


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