Jyotish: Going Deeper


If you’ve already had a Jyotish Session with me, then this is for you!

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Sessions are one hour, via Zoom.

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If you have already had a Jyotish Session with me, then schedule your next sessions here.

In this session, we can look at your Nakshatras, Karakas, Transits, Dasha periods, and focus in on any particular question you have about your life – your dharma, your health, marriage, children, work, transitions or challenges you may be experiencing, and how to work with the Vedic tools for greater ease, serenity, fulfilment.

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Consults are 60 minutes on Zoom.

Please note: Jyotish Consults must be paid in advance, by at least 3 days, or time will be forfeited.
Refunds: In full, up until one week prior.